Friday, 1 January 2010

This Is Why I'm Single

While watching Star Trek (the 2009 film) for the 4th time I thought up an elaborate final scene for the next film involving a space ship flying over the fields of France (I haven't worked out why) and a young boy looking up with wonder. Then his mother comes out and shouts- "Jean-Luc!" and the screen fades to black. Oh. My. God. If that doesn't explain why I'm single, I don't know what does (okay, I do).

Happy 2010- My New Years Resolutions

The Rochester Skyline last night via the Democrat and Chronicle

My Resolutions:

-Be less crazy/deranged/obsessive/delusional
-Lost 10 pounds (ugh)
-Learn to knit something besides a scarf
-Find a part time job in London
-Find a real job anywhere
-Stay up past 2 at least once a month (ugh so hard!)
-Complete Grad School with an acceptable grade

Meh those are enough. Hopefully they're acheivable. Well, the first two probably aren't.