Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My number one reason for desiring a boyfriend:
I want someone who will give me frequent back massages. To have someone with manly hands who likes me enough to massage my back frequently would be heaven. It ALWAYS hurts. Ughhhhhhh.


I remember when I first heard this song, it was being featured in Borders (SO HIP!) and I was transfixed right away. I scribbled Interpol's name on a scrap of paper and researched further when I went home. Interpol was probably my fav band for like 4 years, until their recent CD disappointed me. I just don't know if they can produce something as wonderful as their first album. Anyways, this song is awesome. In my This is Why I'm Single world, I've often imagined whoever my current crush is surprising me and coming around when I'm down. Which, has yet to happen. Oh.My.Life.

Something to Put my Life (and maybe yours too) into Perspective

I bitch and I moan, but reading this reminds me that I shouldn't complain.