Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ohhh Ryan Air... such a classy customer oriented airline! They stranded passengers on THE WRONG ISLAND. Awk. Thankfully I'm flying easy jet to Glasgow (less than two weeks!). I often wonder if Ryan Air would succeed in America. I don't think they would because our governmental system would unlikely allow them to not tax, though maybe. Also, I don't know if Americans could deal with the COMPLETE lack of hospitality. I mean, I know American airline companies aren't known for being amazing, but next to Ryan Air they're like a three star hotel compared to a crammed hostel. But, Ryan Air is soooo cheap.

help me

I've lost all motivation. I just want to eat and nap and not work. And look at People of Walmart. Best.Website.Ever.


I'm BACK!!!

I must spend the next three days doing constant work (ie lots of blogging breaks) but for right now, a quick list of:

This Week's Highlights

- Eating so so so so much food (permanent food baby!).
- Having a wonderful time exploring Brighton- such a nice place!
- Seeing Ruth and Stacey.
- Buying new clothes.
- Watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding- EPIC.
- BEING OFFERED A PART TIME JOB!!!! I start Tuesday. So happy my employment woes are over! Well, until I have to start looking for a real job. argh.

More updates soon! Hopefully my readers will return now that I'm back!