Sunday, 7 February 2010


On Friday I went to an "International Potluck Dinner." IE- you were supposed to bring dishes that represented your homeland. I was going to make peanut butter cookies, but in the end I decided to go with a healthier alternative. A twist on "Hayley's Super Trail Mix Cookies" that I used to make last year. Essentially they were almost vegan dark chocolate banana oatmeal cookies. They were pretty good, but kind of bland. I didn't have any measuring cups so I had to do everything by guestimate and in the end I don't think I put enough sugar in them ughhh. But now I know! I think I'll make them soon for when Lianne visits.

Also, while cooking them I think I ate 1/3 of the raw dough. And that started a weekend of constant poor food choices. FML... or Win?

Literary Lol of the Day

McSweeney's funny with famous authors "predictions" of the Super Bowl results.

"James Joyce:

Thusly and thricely slaked he uptrod the spiral staircase and fancied for himself only a briny frieze.

— Give out, Jesuit, or forever in peace may you lie.

Sardonic, sardonic was the smile then adopted. It can twist forever (if the vicars will allow, if the oxen pull the plow).

— Dearly beloved, he quipped through shut mouth, did not Rapunzel cry from on high?

She skipped with a slow whistle to the first stone slab. As at Young Colin's, on the eve of Fata Morgana, all rose quietly. How could it be remiss?

Thanatopsis. Requiescat In Pace.

Prediction: Unclear"