Thursday, 15 July 2010

I want to support womankind and not knock other women, buuuutttt I will not ever be wearing a dress like this while pregnant. Also, who is Natalie Cassidy! Ooop she's on a show called "Two Pints of Lager and a pack of crisps." Yup, that makes sense. I'm not good with my British television celebrities. Omg so tired.

James Franco as Allen Ginsburg

I've have a soft spot for James Franco ever since he decided to do a ridiculous stint on general hospital. I've had a soft spot for Allen Ginsburg since I read one of his poems with a rebel substitute teacher in my 10th grade English class and it basically changed my life. At that moment I became an English major (look how far that's taken me!) Or I guess, more accurately, at that moment I realised the power of literature and it pretty much changed my life. Therefore, I'm excited about this film.

As a Follow Up Post...

Yesterday I looked in the mirror and saw this:
Yes, my expression is slightly horrifying, but look at my eyes, I basically had completely smudged my eyeliner/ mascara in every direction. I just pray I didn't interact with many people in this state. Such a hot bitch.

Actually my life theme song

Youtube has the Glee Idina Menzel version of my theme song!

But, nothing beats the original:

- While "working on my dissertation" on Monday I actually watched this in the basement and started tearing up. Poor Fanny Brice! I've never seen the musical/film, but my little heart just breaks for her!
-Love Barbara's hair
- I can see why she won the Academy Award from this scene.