Friday, 5 March 2010

Northern Adventure

After class today, at approximately four, I will be heading to Liverpool Station to take the Stansted Express to surprise surprise Stansted airport so I can fly to Glasgow and hang with my friend Patrick. I'm soooooo excited. Also, I should point out that it takes an hour on an "express" train to get to this airport, which is 1) clearly not in London and 2) a longer trip than my flight up north.

I'm super excited to go North and spend a whole weekend hanging with Patrick. Also, I'm excited to see what this Glasgow place is really like. I've only heard two things, 1) It has a great party scene and 2) It's a scary scary rough town (case in point, my friends 6 foot 5 brother who would be a football player if he wasn't Scottish was mugged there). Should be an ADVENTURE! Though, I'm sure Patrick won't take me to any locals where I'm likely to be mugged. I've only been in Glasgow briefly and that's when I took a ferry from Northern Ireland and got on a train to Glasgow. I had to transfer onto a train to Dundee, but I was at the wrong station and had no idea because I couldn't understand the Glasgow accent of a police officer who was trying to kindly explain my error to me. FUN.

First I have to do some pretty cool networking (scccaarrryyyy), then seminar, then I will be free to begin my journey! Wahoo!