Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another Ideal Film Has Been Created

Last week I saw the trailer for what I thought was my ideal film, Dear Juliet, reuniting Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero. Now I just saw another one of my dream films, a documentary about BABIES!!!

Thank you film industry.


This fake UN summit is consuming my life. And I have 2000 more words of an essay to write (luckily, due the 17th). I wish someone would hold me and feed me minced pies.

But, for your enjoyment, here's my fake New York Times's blog: http://nytucl.wordpress.com/

A Very True Article

"others came up with "coping strategies" to deal with the lack of space, such as listening to music or turning their backs on fellow passengers so they would not see the crowded carriage.

Some admitted they had to psych themselves up for the "struggle to clamber on board."

In all my years (okay three) of riding the DC Metro I only encountered ridiculously crowded trains about a handful of times and only during Rush Hours. I know London is a lot bigger than DC, but as this article states, The Tube can get ridiculously crowded. As a poor Grad Student I try to avoid the Tube as much as possible, however I have definitely encountered ridiculously crowded situations on several of the times I've ridden it. The last being on Saturday when I returned from Oxford. The issue is that not only is the Tube crowded, which is not pleasant at all but the platforms are crowded. I find the crowded platforms to be the worst part. Pamela was left behind on Bonfire Night because of a crowded platform. Also, the weekend Tube work is kind of ridiculous. Can't they do night work? I don't know. I'll get over it.
Well at least he realises it. Seriously, 30 Rock is the only reason to love Alec Baldwin. I still pine for the hours I lost watching Minni's First Time and Suburban Girl.