Sunday, 31 October 2010

I always see a man walking around Golder Green who looks just like Tevye. Well, a fatter Tevye. But it always reminds me of this song. And the second saddest song from Fiddler on the Roof.

Wow I really think they went to Golders Green to fill all the Fiddler on the Roof extra roles. Love the GG.

And the best song in Fiddler on the Roof:

Sorry for all the videos this morning my 5 readers, it's been one of those Sundays.

University Park, Oxford

Should look through some old photos I adored you in every one of those.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

There is Something Rotten in Denmark and it's His Piss Poor Attitude

It never gets old. And he offers really solid advice.

I "discovered" this song today and am totally obsessed. Oh Robert Smith, what a legend.
Let yourself go. Pull out from the depths those thoughts that you do not understand, and spread them out in the sunlight and know the meaning of them.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Monday's Sunrise

Now that it's becoming winter, it's pretty much pitch dark every morning when I wake up, meaning I get to watch the sunrise. Monday it was incredible. But it also proved the saying, Red skies at night, Sailor's delight, red skies in the morning, sailor's take warning, because it was AWFUL weather the entire day from like 10am to 6pm. Also, fun fact, the Brits say Shepherds take warning. Crazay!

When Memories Ruin Songs

I have very intense memories attached to some songs, a few are good memories that bring back a specific moment in my life, etc. But the most enduring/ vivid are attached to bad memories and result in the song being ruined for a long time.

The biggest example of this is the Elliott Smith song "Pitseleh," which I loved my freshman year until the actual worst night of my life when I instantly realized I had no friends and was betrayed by someone I thought was my friend, at 3am. And the person telling me off was a boy I looooovvvveeeeeeddddddd, though not really, well I loved him in a first intense crush kind of love. BTW I probably deserved to be told off, but it was such a fucked up, complicated year that I don't in any way blame my fragile, unhardened mind. Anyways. I literally had a panic attack and had to wake up my RA. I ended up spending the night on the floor of a kind hearted girl who didn't detest my presence like the rest of them, listening to Pitseleh over and over, struggling to be able to breath.

Basically the whole song spoke to me. Like, the whole thing. I felt so guilty for what had happened and so hurt. I couldn't listen to the song for about a year. Like it made me so uncomfortable to listen to it. Until another life shattering moment Sophomore year where I sat in my dorm room, with no lights on, and created a slide show on my laptop with the song Pitselah as the background. It seemed like the most fitting choice. So thus, now the song is associated with the greatest slideshow ever created.

Well, the point of this is, it's happened again. I can't listen to the song Raglan Road anymore. A song that several months ago was my favorite song. I associate it with June this year, a month where I thought everything in my life was great, that things I deserved were really happening to me, that I would actually be able to forget old feelings, cryptic shit, etc. Well then my life literally fell apart with the worst week of my life, which then brought on months of crippling anxiety and self-esteem issues, etc. So now, that's all I can think of when I listen to the greatest Irish song ever. Tragedy.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Background for Americans: Wagner is the kooky contestant on X Factor this year, the one people just keep voting for as a job. He's an old Brazilian man who plans the bongos. He also pronounces his name like Vaugner... hence why this clip works and is so brilliant.
I have an undying love for Hounds of Love, but this lyrically is definitely my theme song. It all rings so true!

"What about you? Are you happiest and saddest right now that you've ever been?" "Of course I am." "Why?" "Because nothing makes me happier and nothing makes me sadder than you."
Nicole Krauss (The History of Love)

Sunday, 24 October 2010


Except replace she with he:

Knitting on the Tube= improving my life

I've picked up knitting again. I dropped it after Grad School picked up and I didn't have long legs of time to spare. Well, for the past three weeks I've been crafting scarves again because I've found it's a perfect way to absorb the travel time on buses or the tube back to GG. And I've also found it makes me a maaannnn magnet. Well... sortof.

The first guy was on his way to class at Middlesex uni and started asking me what I was doing, then moved next to me and we chatted. He was fine, not my type and ultimately I think we'd have exactly nothing in common. Apparently he was in med school, or wanted to go to medical school, I don't know. All I know is that Middlesex is nooottt a great uni (ie it's ranked in the bottom 10) and does not have a med school. I told him my name because he wanted to find me on facebook (ha!). Probably stupid, but eh. I later realized that you can't search for me on facebook unless you're a friend of a friend. Problem solve.

Guy number two mayyy have been on cocaine. He was definitely on something. Fine, because it was 11pm and I was on my way back from a crazy night of watching the X Factor at a friends. He got on at Camden and immediately screamed at me: ARE YOU SERIOUSLY KNITTING ON THE TUBE?!!? We chatted briefly, he realized quickly I was American and was like, OF COURSE YOU'RE AMERICAN. YOU'RE SO EASY GOING. WE COULD NEVER KNIT ON THE TUBE BECAUSE WE HAVE LIFE TO WORRY ABOUT. Oh boy, if only he knew. He then get off at Belsize park. Oh and he asked me if I was from Baltimore, I assume this was because he's a wire fan.

But yea, I'm going to knit on the tube allll the timeee now.

x Factah

As per usual both Cher and Katie made me want to die on last night's X Factor. Katie wasn't teeerrrrriiibbbbllleeee, but her overall essence annoys me x 1000000.

I'm not alone though in this sentiment.

Here's the performance:

And here's what the Guardian's hilllarrriousss X Factor Blog said about it:

"There are no words for what I've just witnessed. At one point my eyeballs turned into black pebbles and fell out of my eyes. There's blood gushing uncontrollably out of my mouth. I've visibly aged since that song began. I can smell almonds. Someone help me.

Simon Cowell just called Katie a genius. Somewhere, far far away, a unicorn just died."

AHAHA amaazzzing.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Great Cover

True story: I saw My Morning Jacket open for Doves at the first real concert I went to when I was 15... it was wayyy before they were big. I thought they were crazy hippies, aka my music taste wasn't fully formed.

But, we all (aka just me) know the best Rocket Man cover...


One word... AMAZING

Wow someone really hates my number 2 X Factor enemy...

I bet Katie Waissel made this...

Oh hellloooo

Just turned on the coolest show on TV, Time Team, just to see my boyfriend Dr. Jonathan Foyle wearing a hardhat and digging in dirt. Now he's gesturing enthusiastically with his hands, talking about the layout of a room. So hot.

Drinking, the national pastime of Great Britain

At some point over the last year my drinking habits completely changed. I didn't drink in high school (bc I was sooo KeWl!!), I baaareeelllyy drank in college, well I drank but not to the extent my peers did, and for most of grad school I rarely drank. Then around June my life started to change. Interestingly, this coincides with the end of my course and the beginning of my working career. Now being hungover is a weekend tradition of sorts. As is consuming a bottle of wine a night (a weekend night, I keep it easy on weekends). What has happened to me? I blame several factors:

  1. Wine. I really really like wine. I don't know how I missed out on it throughout my undergrad. I mean I drank wine then but I didn't LOVE it. The problem is, I can drink wine verrryyy easily, I struggle to drink a beer, but wine I just guzzle. There were signs I'd have problems with wine. Like during my first Catz Night at Oxford (annual college fancy dinner and entz (Oxford party, blah too much lingo)) where I drank an entire bottle of wine and then basically spent 20 minutes telling poor Jonathan (who I BARELY knew) that he was a leprechaun who escaped Ireland because he drank ent (a la lord of the rings) water and grew so tall he was kicked out of his village. That's a true story, obviously not the leprechaun story, but I actually did tell Jonathan that story. I think it's a true sign of the destiny of our beautiful friendship that he didn't stop talking to me after that night and instead eventually invited me to the land of leprechaun's aka Northern Ireland. Anyways, I digress... I drink wine too easily. And wine is CHEAP here.
  2. British drinking culture. British people can drink and they do so casually. What I mean is, in America when we would drink it would be usually a big to do, like let's look nice and go out. Here, people just drink whenever. I know I haven't been a Y-P in America, so it may be different, but I do think there's definitely a bigger drinking culture here.
  3. I work with men. Men who love to drink. At happy hour on Fridays I forget my womanly body handles alcohol differently than them and try to keep up with them. Oh, and they always buy my drinks, so I drink more. Oyyyyy. Not good Hayley, not good.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

This made me laugh so hard I literally could not breath. AMAZING.

Yes Please

This is actually my favorite piece of classical music ever. GORGEOUS. And this video is set to the final scene from Persuasion, though not from the version with mah baby Cieran Hinds. Aside, I still don't believe two people can be as much in love as Anne and Wentworth. Well, I don't believe men can love women that much. BITTER.

Anyways, this song is Oxford for me. I played it on my first coach ride into Oxford the moment it pulled into the city. The music fits autumn in England and just generally reminds me of Oxford and happy memories. Best.Year.Ever.

You go with your two feet bare Down through the cold lane there, to Brighton

What fantastic facial hair they all have.
A bonus to living in the UK is the access to more Louis Theroux. I remember two years ago (HOW WAS THAT TWO YEARS AGO!?) spending way too much time trying to locate Theroux's most documentary on the Phelps family, aka the most hated family in America. It was worth all the procrastination.

Tonight I watched his Weird Weekend with bodybuilders and it made my dinner infinitely more enjoyable.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

By buying her book, I will clearly gain all the European male attention I've craved for years. I'm going to try that dance move the next time I'm anywhere that has music playing, such as EAT, which was playing Cloudbusting (!) when I went to go buy my sandwich today.

Found on BWE btw

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

FYI I think my girl Mercedes perfectly summed up why I'm moved by the It's get better project in this blog entry.

Mah Boyfriend

I basically live the life of a 50 year old recluse most days. I travel too and from work and spend my evenings by myself knitting, watching history documentaries on the BBC. I occasionally have a glass of wine if I'm feeling crazy. I wish this was a life. But it's not.

Things will improve greatly (if I pass my masters and get my visa ugh stress) once I move into my dream future home with one of my best Oxford friends in March... until then, this is my life most days of the week. Well, like half of the week.

Anyways, there's one person who has uplifted me from this depressing state of oh woes my life, Dr. Jonathan Foyle. Aka the hottest art historian EVER. He's BEAUTIFUL and so smart and I LOVE him. Sadly his documentary on Henry VIII's art was only two episodes long, so I'll have to seek him elsewhere. Because while I love my two main history series, Churches: How to Read them and Michael Wood's Story of England, the two hosts in that do not make me have sad fantasies of marriage. So, thank you Jonathan Foyle for bringing some light to my life.

Last one

Okay this one made me SOB. I can't believe I missed it as it's been all over the news... even the British news!

You go Boy

Here's another really good video from the It Gets Better Project. I love progressive people who are still deeply religious, thus showing the two do not necessarily conflict. And while I do not fit into any of the LBGTQ categories, I still find these videos really inspiring. Especially during weeks like this where I'm having an all round rough time. :(


Sunday, 17 October 2010

this one on the other hand...

everytime she raps, a small part of my soul dies.

I hate to say it, but worst person in the world's x factor performance last night was pretty good. Not that I watched the show last night. I was too busy drinking way too much. Feeling it today waaahhhh.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

annnnddd it just started downpouring. Oh England!

Money Money Moooonnnaaayyyy

I've found it impossible to save money in this country. Part of that problem is that I'm currently earning a sad sad small amount (you gotta start somewhere!). Also part of that problem is big expenses that keep hitting me.

Such as:

-My flights to Dublin to fly home.
- My very very expensive flights to Belfast for Christmas (soooo much better than being alone for Christmas!).
- My exorbitantly expensive monthly travel card for the tube.

Ughhhhhh. And my skin has been SO bad that it's made me feel supa ugly so today I splurged on some clinique blemish makeup...praying that it restores mah beauty. I'm trying to write this off in my mind bc it cost exactly as much as work owes me for various purchases. But then (because I'm completely crazy) I keep thinking that work will not pay me back (which they always have and why wouldn't they?!).

In a few hours I'm meeting up with the lovely Mercedes. Who I haven't seen since I was sixteen! Whhhhhhaaaat! Then tonight I'm going to my friend's birthday party. Luckily my face shouldn't look like an ugly teenage. But by the end of the weekend I'm going to be a poor puppy.

I'm just so lucky I have a few months to sort my life/skin out before my student loans kick in. But starting next paycheck, I'm going to live like a pauper.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I really want to see this. Tiny Furniture. It seems like a film that will really speak to my disgruntled, confused, bitter and ridiculous post grad mind. Plz have a London release!

Tiny Furniture Trailer from Lena Dunham on Vimeo.

Annnddd the girl who made it is 24. BITTER!


I have (as per usual) nothing to do this evening. So I've decided to briefly discuss my job. Not specific details about them as individuals, because I don't want to get embroiled in some public scandal after my bosses find out about this WILDLY successful blog, but an overview of what it's like to be the only girl in the office.

Things I have learned by being the only girl/ only American in my office:

  1. I've had to get used to not being praised or thanked for doing ridiculous tasks. I used to think this was because I suck at my job, but now I tell myself it's because they're English. Though I still do have moments (ie today after my coworkers new computer malfunctioned for the 100000000th time) where I just want to scream out I went to three REALLY GOOD UNI's. Just to remind them that I'm not an idiot, despite the fact I can't accomplish things involving computers. I also want to tell our tech people that, perhaps throw in, when I was at Oxford, to let them know I'm not an idiot. I tried that kind of today (without fully reverting to the Oxford line), but the tech support guy just thought I was crazy.
  2. Men like to complain. Mostly about the temperature.
  3. They also like to talk about food a lot. This is great for me because food is one of my number one pastimes.
  4. The men like to call me beaut, which helps me get through my day, though they refer to most women as this.
  5. The banter in an all male (Plus me!) office is fantastic. Some days I hurt from laughing.
  6. There will always be a sport even for them to get into. I thought they would be lost after the world cup. They've moved on.
  7. They also don't notice my varying emotions. Or (perhaps more likely) they do and choose to ignore my varying mood changes.
  8. There also is a lot of fantastic singing in my office. Mostly made up tunes of varying levels of offensiveness. Loves it.
xoxoxoxoxox my man friends.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Top London Celeb Spotting covers New Order/ Joy Division

And for good measure, here's Arcade Fire covering New Order:

Cover songs are so fun. RIGHT? In both cases here, however, I must say, I prefer the original versions. For Ceremony, by original I mean the New Order version though I know it was first a Joy Division song.

Though, Kate Bush Cover songs are still the best.

Monday, 11 October 2010

A rare occurrence, I'm both laughing uncontrollably and extremely freaked out:

Oh American adverts.

Hello 80s

Back in April I bought a blazer at a thrift shop in Florida with hopes that I could wear it around now. PS- how was April 6 months ago?! Well, I finally got around to wearing said jacket today. Except I put it on and something wasn't right. I looked like a linebacker. I'm familar with a tiny bit of padding on the shoulders, but this was something else.

Realizing I was going to be late for my preferred morning tube, I cut open the blazer's lining and removed literally the largest shoulder pads I've EVER seen.

I realized this photo isn't great for size comparison... so I just took a size comparison pic with my laptop.
I mean... a little excessive right?

Sassygayfriend joins the amazing It Gets Better Project!

Thanks Mercedes for alerting me to this one. He's amazing, in and out of character.

Sunday, 10 October 2010


St. Mary's, Swinbrook, the third church visited
Ridiculous monument inside St. Mary's.

Fields outside the most isolated church we visited

I spent Saturday in the countryside, at the beginning of the Costwolds in Oxfordshire. Amaazing. I've wanted to go for a nice country walk in England for literally years. I was not dressed for this adventure, but eh. My H&M jacket was great though.

Basically, Oxford Northern Irish twin and I started in Burford and walked to this church (St. Oswalds), which is literally in a field by itself. It's on the site of an abandoned medieval village. The woman in the Burford tourist center said it was about a mile walk... it was actually about a 3 mile walk through fields. Magical! We then went to St. Mary's, Swinbrook, which was pretty near the tiny lonely church. It's actually where the Mitford sisters are buried, so that was a surprise. The church also had the craziest tomb I've ever seen (see above).

After that church we went to this swanky country pub filled with ridiculously posh people. Like Americans idea of English people. It was a lovely pub. We also saw a countless Range Rovers.

Then we had a very very long walk back, hitting two more churches on the way. By the end we were both knackered and just spent a lot of time staring into space. I also laid on his kitchen floor to stretch my back, because I'm class like that! Overall, a magical magical English day! Even if the sun didn't come out at well. Tis' the season of mists after all!

Now it's X Factor time... please let Katie be voted off. Please.

I give to you the two worst people on X Factor

One clearly is sick with an eating disorder and wears awful clothing, the other is actually the worst person in the world.


And I give to you the BEST PEOPLE EVER on X Factor


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thanks Radio 6

I love Radio 6. It's the hipsta BBC radio station. I was introduced to it at my friend's house a few weekends ago because it's all her hip Oxford intellectual housemates listen to. I feel like two years of my life could have been a touch better if I had it in my life. No, more than that because you can access BBC radio in America.

Anyways, here's an amazing song by the "Neo Goth" (?!?!?!) American singer Zola Jesus (?!?!) that I discovered via Radio 6. Her music is perfect Autumn/Winter in England music. Haunting and sad.

Also, she's 21... younger than me. Scary.


SO EXCITED. I've seriously wanted to see this since I took a Shakespeare and Film course almost two years ago at GW... it was being filmed then. It looks crazy and amazing.

my latest anxiety trigger

I keep thinking about whether I failed my dissertation. If I failed my dissertation then I failed my masters and wasted 35k. And won't even be eligible for my much desired most study visa. I've never failed anything in my life, but I just keep thinking about it. Oy.effing.Vey!


Sometimes I worry that I've found all the Kate Bush songs I'll ever be obsessed with, that all are left are the obscure and hard to love ones that I haven't exactly been swayed by yet. I'm not even kidding, this is a legitimate fear in my life. Well Saturday morning gifted me with a new obsession.

It lay buried here. It lay deep inside me.
It's so deep I don't think that I can speak about it.
It could take me all of my life,
But it would only take a moment to

Tell you what I'm feeling,
But I don't know if I'm ready yet.
You come walking into this room
Like you're walking into my arms.
What would I do without you?


Monday, 4 October 2010


The tube workers went on strike today for the second time in protest of proposed cuts. During the last strike in mid September I had no problem getting to work. I laughed at people like my boss who had to walk from Paddington. I got to work quicker than usual actually. And I had no problems getting home.

I assumed today's strike would be like the last. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I checked online and saw Moorgate was closed, yet I figured I could just get off at London Bridge and walk for 15 minutes. Well I knew when walking to the tube that my plan was going to fail. Normally I see a few trains pass by, this time I saw none. Further, upon reaching the platform I saw it was crowded, it's NEVER crowded. Then no trains were going via the Bank branch. So I got on a Charing Cross branch and figured I would transfer at Camden. Wrong again. I couldn't even get onto the Bank side at Camden it was so crowded. And there wasn't going to be another train for 15 minutes.

So I checked my London mapbook and saw there was a bus straight from Camden to Moorgate! Great!! Wrong again. I literally waited 40 minutes for the 214 bus. During those 40 minutes only one came and it was TINY. I probably could have forced my way on but I thought another one would soon follow. Well at 905, already late for work, I made a decision, I would walk to Moorgate from Camden. A distance of about 4 miles. So walked I did, getting to work over an hour late.

I learned my lesson.

The way back was fine. Well, on a normal day it would be hellish, but after the morning it was a walk in the park. I waited about 15 minutes for a Northern line train at Moorgate. There didn't appear to be any Edgware bound trains so I just went on the High Barnet line and made a point not to attempt to transfer at Camden, instead riding it to East Finchley where I caught a bus.

Ridiculous. I feel like my whole day was consumed by the strike. And they have more planned! OY VEY.

There was, however, one exciting thing that came out of today. My tale of woe made it onto the BBC.

And I quote:
"1058: Hayley from Golders Green e-mails to say she was 90 minutes late for work in Moorgate after she could only take the Northern Line as far as Camden Town. "It was so crowded that I couldn't even get on to the Bank branch platform (later I saw they had locked the station)," she writes. "I gave up on the Tube and decided to take the 214 to Moorgate. It was a tiny, tiny bus and only one came in 40 minutes. So I gave up and walked from Camden to Moorgate." She says she has no idea how she'll get home."


Sunday, 3 October 2010


None of my housemates have been home all weekend. I LOVE IT! I never talk to them anyways (yup, real social house), so I don't miss them. It was great yesterday with Ruth and even better by myself today. I've had the whole house to myself, which means I've been able to binge watch TV all day.

Now I'm watching X Factor and eating carrot cake. I wish I had started watching X Factor when it first started, it's AMAZING (I know it's not a new thing at all... haha). I think my family will love it when they start the American version.

That is all. Yum cake.

I also just realized that three years ago today I moved into my staircase at Oxford. Three effing years!!! How is that possible? Anyways, here's the first of many photos I took in Oxford.

Weekend again

So a clothes update since I know you're all eagerly wondering what I decided on. I returned the H&M sweater and Gap dress number 1. I replaced Gap dress with a top I really liked, that was luckily half the price of the dress so I still got 8£ back. Happy days.

Then Ruth came over and I made her seriously the most amazing dinner. Gordon Ramsay's Mac and Cheese, as featured in the Guardian. It was way too complicated for students (who it was apparently designed for) and it was a lot more expensive than the stated cost, but so delish and it provided a lot of leftovers. And I bought a 5£ roasting pan to cook it in, so now I have something good to cook mah dinner tonight in, Roast Vegetables.
Also, I need to stop spending money. For real this time.

Anyways, Ruth and I watched the Wire and an ep of Law and Order UK, where Ruth told me how it's an inaccurate portrayal of the UK justice system. SAD. Then we watched youtube and she slept on mah floor.

This morning we went to Carmelli's the famous Golders Green Jewish bakery. I didn't think their bagels would be great because now entering my third year in the UK (including Oxford CRAZY), I have yet to eat a decent bagel. Well... Carmelli's have AMAZING bagels. Win win win.

Now I'm laying in bed watching the rain and yet again wishing I had a boyfriend to holddd meeee. And I can't believe the weekend is almost over.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

how have I not seen this before?!?!?!


aw yeaaa

The rain I was promised today was started. It makes my cops watching all the most acceptable. American Cops... so so amazing.

Weekend... revised

I just went to Oxford Street with the thoughts of getting a new jacket (a nice autumn casual one) and hitting up Primark for some cheap basics/ a makeup bag. I ended up getting said jacket and a cheap chic sweater. I started walking to Primark and that's when I got in trouble. I saw a sign in Gap. A sign that read SALE. And there went

my money. I LOVED everything I tried on. I had to stare at various items for like half an hour before I could decide which would make the cut. In the end I decided on two sweater dresses, SO much nicer than the ones I tried on in H&M and they originally were 50£ each. But I really really shouldn't have spent that much money. I'm going to have to really consider returning something/ not eat for a week. Ugh! I'm trying to console myself for the fact that I haven't gone shopping in forever (aka two weeks), but I know I've been a bad girl.

Anyways, here's the stash.

Also I just saw an advert for a travel agency that ca
ters to people who have no one to go on vacation with. My future. And I'm watching Cops.

Luckily Ruth is coming over tonight for a slumber party, so I will have some social activity this weekend. And she can provide me with her opinion on the clothes.

Sweater from H&M... I'll probably return this one, though I really need sweaters. It just makes me look like a fat tay.
Though it looks good with my super cool new jacket.
Obsessed with this jacket. Obsessed! But I def think the sweater will be returned.
Gap Sweater dress 1. I'm not sure. I really liked this one in the store, though the angle etc may take away from its cuteness.
Work it girl.
Gap Sweater Dress 2. Really like this one, though it doesn't look that great in the photo. I had a few days last week where I felt like I was dressed like an intern. I think this dress will transcend me into the YP category.

October Song

I look forward to October every year so this can be my theme song. I remember the moment I fell in love with it, walking across University Yard at GW Freshman year and just thinking it described how I felt at that moment so well. I guess not so much lyrically, but as a whole package.

Well, I always thought it was by Bert Jansch, now I learn it's by the Incredible String Band, another Glasgow act, that Jansch used to dabble with in the 60s. Well, here are both versions. They're both amazing. Though I'm still partial to Jansch's ridiculously haunting voice:


I literally have NO plans this weekend. I managed to fill all of September with super busy weekends, thus distracting me from the fact that grad school was over and friends had dispersed. Now I'm left facing two days of having literally nothing to do. Oh wait, I told my boss I would make a design for our next company competition. I'll do that... tomorrow...

Usually when I'm busy I dream of weekends like this, where I can just hypothetically lay in bed the whole time and read books. Well, when actually faced with that, all I feel is ridiculous boredom. It just turned 9am and I'm already bored! Disaster!

I think I'm going to surf various music blogs and capture come sweet tunes to make my October fab. I already found a really great on, which shall follow immediately after this boring bored post.

Friday, 1 October 2010

i loved you the same way i do. i've got so much wickedness and sin.

My night tonight has been consumed with talking on the phone with a friend and then watching the It Gets Better Project videos on Youtube. Oh my god. Powerful. I pretty much sobbed at all of them. Dan Savage, what a wonderful man and him and his partner have such a beautiful story. Everyone should definitely check it out.

I hope Dustin Lance Black, the Milk screenwriter, makes one because his Oscar acceptance speech left me bawling.