Monday, 30 November 2009

My friend Gemma let me borrow her G2 section of Today's Guardian to read the journalist Jonathan Margolis's article on being Jew-ish. It's amazing and so so so true!

"I'm a completely fake agnostic, because I still quietly recite the Shema when things get awkward."

Thanksgiving Fun

I realised that I haven't posted about our Thanksgiving dinner. Three of my Brit friends hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for myself and two of our mutual American friends at their flat. It was gorgeous. Such good food! It was one of those situations where I ate so fast that I got a stomach ache and couldn't eat to my full potential. Ugh worst! But we had all the standards, Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie mmmm. I'm so glad we got to share such a wonderful holiday with them. It also made me want to have dinner parties one day. When I can afford to feed a multitude of people. Who knows when that will be. But, while I missed my family, it was great to have a wonderful dinner with friends!

Here is a picture of one of the best dishes (though they were all amazing): Pamela's Broccoli Casserole
I think the Union Jack mugs are a nice touch. So yum. I've begged my mom to prepare this casserole for our Christmas dinner. mmmm.

It's Almost Time

December is a mere few hours away. Which means the most magically holiday of all is fast approaching. I've been trying to find sweet Christmas tunes on Spotify but I keep returning to the greatest Christmas album ever mad, Sufjan Stevens's Songs for Christmas. I know, I'm such a hipsta. But seriously, it's an amazing album. And while Bing Crosby/David Bowie's amazing duet will remain my favourite Christmas song, this album is so solid. Here's one of my fav songs from the album with some added Japanese animation. SWEET!

My New Favourite Desert

Galaxy Hot Chocolate, Marshmallows and Dark Chocolate Biscuits (to dunk into the chocolatey wonder). Such a pleasant wintery way to end my day.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Vital News Story from Back Home

Oh dear, Global Warming!

Sunday Morning Music

Props to my Dad for introducing me to this fab Donovan song on Facebook. It's a perfect rainy day song.

Sunday Morning

It's downpouring so I'm going to strap on my welly's and walk down the street to my local Cafe Nero and read the Sunday Times. My favorite morning routine.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

One year ago I was on a cruise to the Bahamas

Two years ago I was celebrating my first Thanksgiving away from home in Oxford.
This year it doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving. I'm going to a Thanksgiving dinner, but not until Saturday. So today felt really weird, America felt really far away. Even though I did go to a big service this morning at St. Paul's Cathedral, hosted by the American embassy. The service was wonderful, but odd because I wasn't there with my family and I didn't have a big dinner to look forward to. After I had to go to another IO seminar aka 50 minutes of listening to a Dutch boy state various statements about how evil America is. And now I'm sitting in my room, with no turkey or pumpkin pie (I did have a turkey sandwich with cranberry and stuffing at Pret for lunch, so that was nice). It's kind of sad. At least I have brownies to look forward to at roughly 730 and then a big swanky party in Oxford tomorrow night.

The Greatest Christmas Song Ever

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Video of the Evening

I know this is everywhere... but it's amazing and brought joy to my post-dinner (delicious curry) life.

My Favorite Waitrose Items

Waitrose, my favourite grocery store ever (JK! Wegmans is the best grocery store FOREVER) has some really high quality Waitrose Brand products. Here is a list of my favs in no particular order:

-Ginger Biscuits
-Dark Chocolate Continental Style Biscuits
- Shortbread and Fruit Biscuits (there's a theme here...)
- Waitrose Essential Potatoes
-Waitrose Essential Peas
-Waitrose readymade ravioli

But mostly the biscuits. They are DELICIOUS!

Things I am Excited For

-Catz Nite this Friday
-Thanksgiving dinner with my UCL friends Saturday night
-Lots and Lots of Mince Pies and Mulled wine
-Being done with Economic lectures at the end of this term
-Christmas activities

Almond Croissant Review

Almond Croissant from Euphorium Bakery, Angel.

So before I went to sweet this used to be my fav almond croissant place. To side track, I really shouldn't have purchased an almond croissant, seeing as I had a chinese food dinner at 9pm last night mm. But, anyways. The croissant was small than I like my croissants, but I guess it's a normal size. The crust was exceptionally flakey and came off in layers. Both ends were hardened with the almond filling, which was a nice touch. Yet, I would say the outer crust was fine, I guess if you eat a croissant in a less barbaric way than me it would probably be fine, but I found it a little bland. However, once I reached the very soft and doughy center the croissant became delicious. The almond filling was delicious, not overwhelming, just enough. So, whilst Sweet still has the best almond croissant so far, if I'm up in Angel and fancy an almond croissant, Euphorium is worth it, even if the staff are unfriendly. Also, it's just a nice cafe in general. A nice place to read the newspaper.

Score: 6/10

Laugh of the Mornin'

From this video it's all clear that Christians shouldn't do rap. I mean first of all, the side hug is the worst. Wouldn't you show love for your fellow man more by giving a really good hug? Also, this groups efforts to be "ghetto" is pretty awful. They're not fooling anyone, except for maybe sheltered Christian teens.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Daily Mail Article of the Day

Alex Reid flew all way to Australia to propose to Katie Price and just ended up dumped. Perhaps he shouldn't have told "reporters," but then again that was the point, wasn't it? Now my original assumption can come true, Katie and Peter will "fall in love again" and stage a huge new wedding. It's going to happen!

Link of the Mornin'

Lolllllllllzzzzz I can't believe this actually happened. Oh that James Franco.

Monday, 23 November 2009


I will be more productive. I just can't read any more the of the articles for IO. Too too dense. I also need to seriously step up my work on my Peace and Security essay. Argh. Deadlines approaching! If only tomorrow wasn't going to be such a busy day.

Photo From my Archives

Washington, DC. 20th January 2009. Washington monument on the morning of Obama's inauguration.


"Roll Model?" Seriously?!?! Megan Mccain tweeted this link and I agree with her, Gemma is as gorgeous now as she was when she was super thin. Stuff like this really pisses me off. No wonder being called "fat" is one of the worst things a woman can be called. When fat is generally anything above a size four. Ugh. When I have children (especially daughters) I'm going to slam self esteem into them from the moment they're born. Hopefully it'll work.

This Blog is Slowly becoming "This is Why I Hate Twilight"

India Knight tweeted an amazing breakdown of Twilight's appeal. It really breaks down the reasons for its popularity. By the by, I think my hatred for Twilight is the 9th reason I am single. I hate Twilight so much because I'm too bitter and disillusioned by romance, especially by teenage romance. Vomit.

In other news, I had about eight Liz Lemon moments whilst consuming my stir fry tonight. Aka I almost chocked literally eight times and had no one to give me a pat on the back.

It's not even three yet

This is what it looks like outside my window. I don't know how well the photo captured it, but it's dark and really really windy. So, it looks like I won't be leaving my room for the rest of the day. So yes, I will be skipping the worst lecture ever and doing readings. Therefore, I will actually learn more in those two gained hours. Hurrah. I'm a rebel.

I hate the Twilight craze

" As an Us Weekly writer, it pains me that they're mentioned in the same "should we put them on the cover?" breath as La Brangelina and La TomKat. They don't even have a cute nickname, for crying out loud! "

A tabloid writer's eloquent article on why she hates Twilight. Stephanie Meyer is never getting any of my precious, dwindling supply of money!!!

Link of the Mornin'

Angry Gawker post about how London sucks in response to a Sunday Times article about how New York sucks. To be fair, I like British food a lot (I know, I'm weird) and I like that things close early, so I can be in my warm bed early. Also, London's random street design is pretty charming. But, I guess London deserved it by trashing New York. I would never trash New York because angry New Yorkers are scary.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Oh Dear

I woke up this morning finally able to function again, which was convenient because I had a friendy come to visit. woo. But now that I have a mere four weeks left of classes, I'm finding it increasingly hard to focus. ALMOST A MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

So Excited

For This. The Glory of Christmas by Candlelight is pretty much my dream title for a concert. It should be AMAZING. Even if we are sitting in the behind the orchestra, no view seats.

Uh oh!

So I just got a flyer stating that there have been robberies in my building. I'm not concerned because I'm kind of used to it, at GW there was multiple robberies a week in most of the dorms I lived in. I'm just going to keep my windows closed when I leave and lock my door. Though, I'm not on the ground floor, so I think only spider man would try to break through my window (the robbers got in through some idiots who left their ground floor windows open when they went out for the night DUMMYS!!!). But here's the amazing part from the flyer, it's so British in it's wording, the following phrase would never be seen in my GW crime alerts: "I'm taking this opportunity to tell you what we know about the criminals and their modus operandi." Yes, he used a Latin phrase to describe the hoody's strategy.

Almond Croissant Review

Almond Croissant from EAT

EAT is my favourite (don't laugh at me, I'm trying to get used to British spelling for essay/dissertation purposes) British food chain. I like Pret, but I find EAT to have a better variety of food and going along those lines, more exciting food. But, their almond croissant disappointed me. There was simply nothing special about this croissant. It felt like a mass produced croissant you'd buy at tescos. The almond filling was standard. The pastry itself was actually under my standards. Size was UK average, but unlike most almond croissants, I wasn't sad when it ended. And I know that chains can do excellent almond croissant's, Cafe Nero's version is amazing (I'll write a review next time I consume one), but I will definitely not buy an EAT almond croissant again, unless fuelled by desperation.

Score- 5/10

On a side note, in the picture there is also an EAT yoghurt with fresh banana, honey and grape nuts. These are delicious and I actively missed them when I returned to American from Oxford. Though, with the almond croissant I feel like I've had a suga ovaload.

WTF of the Morning

Sometimes a story is too weird to be made up. This is a prime example. I don't really have much else to say besides- ew and awful.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Whilst I never planned on seeing Twilight, I relish in reading bad reviews about it because I hate it so. Roger Ebert came through, "The characters in this movie should be arrested for loitering with intent to moan. Never have teenagers been in greater need of a jump-start. Granted some of them are more than 100 years old, but still: their charisma is by Madame Tussaud."

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I once was an English major

An Education (review soon! like tomorrow) made me think back to high school and although no older man would want to seduce me in those days (I defined awkward) I got a lot of Jenny's pretentiousness in the film. I was never as clever as her, but I had a lot of pretentious interests. Well, let me rephrase that, I was interested in a lot things for pretentious reasons. Most of those things today- music, film, art, literature- I still love, but view them differently, I think that the greatest art works are great because they reflect something universal about mankind. Not just something that pretentious 16 year olds can pretend to "get" in order to look slash more importantly feel smart. Anyways, all of that mumbo-jumble was an excuse to post this poem I loved when I was 17. A poem, which after revisiting, I still love.

So You Say
It is all in the mind, you say, and has
nothing to do with happiness. The coming of cold,
the coming of heat, the mind has all the time in the world.
You take my arm and say something will happen,
something unusual for which we were always prepared,
like the sun arriving after a day in Asia,
like the moon departing after a night with us.
By Mark Strand

Photo From my Archives

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. 17 March 2008


Finally going to go see An Education tonight. So excited. Especially since I will be using buy one get one student ticket deal. So if all goes to plan my friend and I will be spending a mere three pounds to get in!! Will post a review of that and Fantastic Mr. Fox (which I saw Saturday) sooon!
I hate that Miley and I seem to hate the same thing. She's just being Miley!!! I'm currently skipping class because I feel so yucky. I wish there was someone here to hold me! wahh

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Song I Try to Adapt to My Life

I have a sad habit of taking songs and adapting them to my life. The song I'm doing that to right now is Ra Ra Riot's "Can you Tell." Though, it has some good lines that actually fit into my usual romantic history, desperate unrequited love towards men who will probably never like me (Reason I am single: 8). YEY!

Photo From my Archives

Pigmy Hippo. National Zoo, Washington, DC. March 18th 2009


I just walked into my kitchen and the one boy in my unit goes, "You're always eating!" Wow. I just wanted to tell him the stereotypical biological excuse for my eating (tee hehe!), but I thought that would be creepy. But then again, being creepy would follow the general trend of the last few days of my life. Like really.

Oh also, and as I was leaving the kitchen I said, "This is going to be the last time I eat tonight." And he replied, "I don't believe you!"

Monday, 16 November 2009

My Favorite Irishman Who Ever Ever Lived

I honestly think A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is the greatest book ever written. At least for me. I've loved it since I first read it. There's a line in the play/film The History Boys where the teacher Hector states,
"The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - that you'd thought special, particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you've never met, maybe even someone long dead. And it's as if a hand has come out, and taken yours. "

That's how I felt when I first read portrait five years ago (!) in AP English. I honestly didn't understand the book and I didn't pick up many of the more serious aspects of it, but I felt like I was reading an author who completely understood my seventeen year old mind. Now every time I've reread it a different passage strikes me. The last time I completely read it was about a year ago today. And the passage that took my breath away was the follows:

"-It is a curious thing, do you know, Cranly said dispassionately, how your mind is supersaturated with the religion in which you say you disbelieve. Did you believe in it when you were at school? I bet you did.
-I did, Stephen answered.
-And were you happier then? Cranly asked softly. Happier than you are now, for instance?
-Often happy, Stephen said, and often unhappy. I was someone else then.
-How someone else? What do you mean by that statement?
-I mean, said Stephen, that I was not myself as I am now, as I had become."

That's exactly how I felt at that time. I was graduating and reflecting on my past hopes and expectations for the future. And I realized that I was such a different person when I came up with those wishes. Therefore, it's not so much the religious aspect that hits me because I never had a period of religious fever like Stephen. I admire religious people in a lot of aspects and I'd like to be spiritual, but I don't know if what I think about religion and faith fits into any particular belief. But anyways, a year ago it was that passage that hit me. I think I will start rereading Portrait and we'll see what passage hits me in the face with such a force that it's like Joyce is reading my mind. I hope a different passage hits me every time I read Portrait years to come. Nevertheless, I think having one favorite book for five years is pretty impressive. James Joyce, what a gift to humanity.

Bahh now I'm starting to think of poems I love. Why did I not bring more books with me! I miss my books!

More Pleaz

Photo From my Archives

Niagara Falls. 11th of July, 2009


For my International Organisations class we're having a UN Security Council simulation in lieu of our last week of class. My role is as the assistant editor of Reuters. Yeyyy press! I guess my newsletter writing skills proved me worthy. Also, today a random girl came up to me and complimented me on the newsletter. Next The Times will be calling.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Stop Teasing me Weather!!!

Today is supposed to be a day possibly filled with gales and heavy rain. And yet, the view out my window is currently of a very pleasant morning. It got even more sunny after I took this picture. So hopefully if the rains come they will be light!

Seriously though, I can barely trust British weather reports because the weather changes so often. Also the forcast routinely seems to be incorrect. It's just like home, minus the massive quantity of snow. But please please please let the weather be mild and pleasant all day!

Link of the Mornin'

HELLZ YEAZ! This BBC article gives hope for all us foodies with calorie guilt out there! Though, seeing as my diet here includes lots of almond croissants and I actually think I may have lost a bit of weight, I think the guilt-inducing-waistline increasing culprit is not food in general but American portion sizes. That being said, I will happily consume an extra 400 calories a day, though these are calories I most surely already consume.

Friday, 13 November 2009


So I fully admit that America was countless problems, of varying severity. Many of these problems are much worse in America than here, but sometimes the UK really shocks me with its issues. Take this incident in Essex. The boys shouting the antisemitic chants were SCOUTS. And they were shouting at veterans who did more for the UK than they will probably ever do. I guess maybe it's because the UK is so much smaller than America, that news like this gets broadcast further. But, I think America this would be a huge deal too. So I don't really know how to approach this other then by saying awful.
The Daily Mail's summary of Katie Price's awkwwwaaardddd appearance on the amazing Chelsea Lately.
Why is the Daily Show so wonderful?

Another Room related post

I wonder what would happen if I tried to seduce men like Lisa. I bet it would work. She's just so beautiful!

Yey. I just hope the promise of milder weather Saturday afternoon will be fulfilled or else my planned day of fun will be ruined. Or I'll just have to tweak my plans. It's honestly been pouring for two hours. Luckily this is an incentive to stay in and read. Wah.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


I've neglected my job. This week has been the least productive week since I arrived, which is funny because it's supposed to be reading week. I'm going to go watch BBC Life. But soon I'll return to my normal uploading frequency. Here's a preview of what I've been up to:

Monday, 9 November 2009

I can safely say that not only is this my favorite commercial of all time, I also think it changed my life. Being exposed to Nick Drake at that time in my life was so instrumental in my pre-college development. Amazing, amazing commercial.

Photo From my Archives

Washington DC, Schenley Elevator. May 9th 2007.

Educational Activity of the Day

Tonight I attended a lecture given by Michael Russell, a Scottish MSP (member of the Scottish Parliament) and their minister for Culture, External Affairs and the Constitution (long title!). The talk was given by UCL's prestigious Constitution Unit, which lies in my department. It was a really really interesting talk, I would say the most interesting part was the question and answer session after Russell finished his talk. I kind of felt really important because I was sitting in a room with government officials from both the UK and Scottish governments (there was also a guy from the Quebec government) as well as very smart academics from UCL, Oxford, LSE and University of Edinburgh.

Scottish Independence is a really interesting debate that I still am not sure about. It seemed that the general consensus in the room (at least amongst the smart academics) that it's not going to happen. Yet, I think the point that Russell most hit home was his belief that Scotland has the right to consider independence. Whilst he clearly believes and hopes for an independent Scotland, Russell constantly stressed the importance and indeed the democratic right for Scotland to seriously consider and debate independence within Scotland. He also was firmly against a double referendum, which would basically allow Scotland to try independence and then have the option to return to the UK if it doesn't work. I think I can see Russell's point on not liking this, I mean it makes sense, but if you're going to go for independence I think it should be a permanent decision.

I really know so little on this topic, so I'm sorry if none of this makes sense. And while I can semi-understand the Scottish desire for independence and a voice of its own in the EU, it's pretty crazy to think of it actually happening. They handed out a pamphlet when we left (I skipped out on the wine afterwards, it would have been awkward) on the The Scottish Government Response to the Recommendations of the Commission on Scottish Devolution and I look forward to reading it!
Weight Watchers Dessert Flavoured (so british!) yogurt... my new healthy obsession.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Oxford Part Two

Oxford was fantastic. It once again involved a lot of eating. And I got to see a lot of people, which was lovely. Things I learned, don't go to Abington. Now I'm back in London and it's reading week, so hopefully I'll be productive and at least read a little bit. But we'll see.

Friday, 6 November 2009


I've been thinking about the first line in this clip for the last few days. SO EPIC. I honestly need to force someone to go see the room with me because once was not enough. Tommy Wiseau is a GENUIS.


I went to a pub tonight with the board members of my school's student society and some of our lecturers. I'm pretty sure I was beyond awkward with most of them. It's odd being in a department that is so young, I feel like they're my peers when in reality they're phd's who are teaching me the ways of international public policy. Then again, I've generally always been awkward talking to professors, especially male professors. Oh well. However, I do think the way academic departments function here is much different from that of American universities. I discussed this with one of my lecturers and apparently it's true. He's English but received his phd in America, so I guess he'd know.

In less awkward news, semi-early tomorrow morning I'm journeying to Oxford and hopefully visiting Blenheim palace with my fav twins. So excited.

Photo From my Archives

Belfast, Northern Ireland. March 31st 2008.
I must be a 45 year old woman because I found this trailer to be so funny. And it's nice to see Alec Baldwin in a film that shows a lot of promise (ie not Minni's First Time or Suburban Girl- two of the worst films I have ever seen).

Highlight of Last Night

Seeing a woman with her child sitting on her shoulders next to a woman with her westie sitting on her shoulders... literally. I should have asked the woman her secrets for keeping her dog so calm during fireworks. I think Minnie would have literally died being so close to loud bangs.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Things I learned today

SOAS is The School of Oriental and African Studies, not the School of Arts and Sciences as I previously believed.

I feel awful for finding this very funny

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Photo From my Archives

Bahamas 27 November 2008. Family Thanksgiving Cruise.


I've been writing the newsletter for my school's society since our meeting ended at five last night. It's kind of turned into a formatting nightmare and I'm worried that people will be like WTF is this? But, I'm seeing this as an introductory edition and I hope to see the Rubin Review grow and become increasingly awesome during my tenure as it's first editor. Only one page left! And then it needs to be severely edited. Thank god for hobnobs and the jacket potato I plan on making for lunch.

Remember! Remember!

The Fifth of November! Bonfire night tonight. Though, the event I'm going to tonight won't have a bonfire like my previous November 5th experience in Oxford (health and safety reasons), but there should be a great fireworks display!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rochester Weather

Starbucks put out the red cups recently and yesterday Oxford St. lit up their Christmas Lights. The holiday season always makes me nostalgic for home. I never like being in Rochester when I'm there for extended period of times, but Christmas break is so relatively short that it holds a lot of nice memories. I won't get symptoms of SAD like I did before going to college, so the snow seems kind of nice. There isn't enough opportunity to get sick of it. I really like being home for Christmas.

Winter isn't the only season I get nostalgic about, I also think about autumn in Rochester a lot. Though it's been five years since I've seen it. I just remember it being really lovely.

Photo From my Archives

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford. 7th June 2008.

Almond Croissant Review

Almond Croissants are my new weakness. I've decided to add reviews to my blog agenda. Unfortunately, I just realized that I should have taken a picture of the croissant before consuming it. So, apologies. I'll amend this next time I get a delicious treat.

This morning I journeyed to Sweet, a bakery in Clerkenwell. I was surprised at how close this bakery is from my flat. Probably about a five minute walk. The bakery was small, but had a large selection of treats and savories. Also, major bonus points, they had about 5 samples. And, major bonus point, the staff was friendly. My croissant and regular sized americano came to 3.10 for takeaway, which puts Sweet on the low end of average price wise. I know that price sucks in dollars (about 5.10), but for my weekly treat I can't think in such terms. But, my fav almond croissants in DC at the Dupont Farmers market cost two dollars, so if our exchange rates were even it wouldn't be bad at all. So there.

The Croissant:

Amazing. Pretty good size, not mega American size, but not so small that I felt gipped. The interesting thing about this croissant was that it was basically split into two, with the almond filling in between (as opposed to the usual rolled up design). Also, onto of the croissant was some baked almond filling, what a nice surprise! The best part about this croissant was its doughy bottom, it was soft and not too flaky, delicious. I will definitely be returning to Sweet.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I love Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson saved a woman being attacked by a gang of yobs. Fact. The youth gangs here are a pretty scary idea, I've lucky not faced any. But, I'm glad Boris is patrolling the streets!

Photo from my archives

Bruges, Belgium. 15 March 2008 (my 21st birthday)

This is a new feature where I'm going to randomly scroll through my photos and whatever event I stop on, I'll upload a picture. SO FUN!

another weather update

You probably can't tell from this picture, but it is not sunny out and pouring. Oh wait, I just looked out the window and it stopped. This crazy weather is reminding me so much of home.

Weather Update

Now the sun is shining.

Things I learned today

You cannot microwave falafel.

Rainy Rainy Day

It's pouring out. I guess this is good because I should be doing work all day today. But I'm hungry and the cleaning staff decided to clean my kitchen right now, during prime lunch hours, instead of when they're supposed to, tomorrow. UGH. I think I'm just going to wrap my duvet around myself and lay in bed while watching the rain. If only I had a man or just as good- Sara and Jenny to cuddle with.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Albums Spotify has allowed me to become obsessed with

Spotify has exposed me to some amazing albums that I definitely plan on buying once father Christmas gives me an itunes gift certificate. For the curious, here is a list (in no particular order) of the albums I've been listening to over and over again:

- Ra Ra Riot- The Rhumb Line
which includes there's stupendous cover of my girl Kate Bush's classic Suspended in Gaffa.

-Regina Spektor- Far
Besides a few songs like Samson, I've never been really into Regina Spektor. This album, however, has made me a real fan of hers.

-Miike Snow- Miike Snow
A friend suggested that I listen to this album. It's really good. They're another Scandinavian group for me to appreciate!

Yeyyy new music!
Just finished my dinner. But now I want to eat a second dinner. Argh! Maybe I'll give it a few and then have some soup or something.

Foods that exist in the UK but not in the US

Blackcurrants are a mystery to me. When I first encountered them, I thought that maybe they had a different name in the US because blackcurrants are everywhere here and I've never seen them in the US. I am actually currently eating blackcurrant flavored yogurt. Well Wikipedia just informed me of the answer. Apparently,

"Blackcurrants were once popular in the United States as well, but became extremely rare in the 20th century after currant farming was banned in the early 1900s when blackcurrants, as a vector of white pine blister rust, were considered a threat to the U.S. logging industry"

WTF. That's definitely not the answer I was expecting, but pretty interesting. However, I'm not too bummed about the lack of this crop in America because I don't find the taste entirely appealing. I am though, shocked at the fact that they were banned in the US. Apparently they're still banned in a lot of states. CRAZY!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Weekend highlights

Today has been a total waste of a day, I did no work and ate way way way too much. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow I can semi-detox, aka avoid anything that resembles a baked good. I would say avoid cheese but that would probably prove impossible.

Anyways, Friday I watched the excellent film 24-Hour Party People at some friends flat. I'd seen the film before, but years ago. What an exciting place and time musically, minus the violence and general shittiness of everyday life in Manchester at that time.

Saturday I went to Regents Park, which is basically my favorite park in London. I sat by the pond and read Mrs. Dalloway. It was perfect. Saturday night was fine, not the greatest night of my life, but certainly not the worst. But all the alcohol left me feeling gross all day today. Bahhh. And gave me no motivation to do work. Which means I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow and pound out some reading. Yey.

Crossing Tower Bridge at 3am in attempts to locate the correct late bus. Oy Vey.