Saturday, 11 September 2010

I actually want to buy everything on this literary gifts site. And I think some of my readers will feel the same (aka Sara and Lianne). Thanks to India Knight for posting it...

BTW: Dinner tonight was fantastic. And I think I've gained a stone. (SO BRITISH)


In Worcester. I spent last night being force fed cheese and ham toasties and watching 3 hours of Big Brother (along with hearing epic tales of my amazing host's family). Best.friday.night.ever. Definitely beats my usual time of stumbling home from happy hour and passing out. FUN.

Then today I went to Gloucester and saw the cathedral, which is actually the most beautiful cathedral I've EVER seen. And that means a lot considering my gigantic love of cathedrals. I'll post pics lataahhh. Tonight lots more food and tomorrow HOMEMADE SUNDAY ROAST!!!!!!

So happy to be here!!! Recharging after months of anxiety. Though, I need to join a gym asap after I get back. I'm turning into a Fat-Tay. Tears.