Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Photo From my Archives

Banksy Tunnel, Waterloo, London 27 March 2008
Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.
Romans 12:9

UM This is Why I'm Single Song of My Life

Of course by Kate Bush. Whilst perusing Kate Bush lyrics online, yea whatever, I stumbled across a song called Never be Mine. I read the lyrics and knew without listening that Kate really is my James Joyce of music. Also, once I watched the video, I got to see dozens of inspirational photos of Kate. xoxoxoxo

These lyrics basically describe my perverse thoughts about any given male:

Ooh, the thrill and the hurting.
The thrill and the hurting.
I know that this will never be mine.

I want you as the dream,
Not the reality.


Old, But Classic

Hastily made Cleveland Tourism Videos. Amazing. These go out to my girl Jenny and to my dad, for Detroit's mention in the second one (I had to link it because they won't let me embed it whyyy).

And here's a not as funny Detroit video. Though, as I have been to both cities, I definitely agree that Cleveland is a LOT better than Detroit. Annnd I should be doing work!

Things I have eaten yesterday and today (proper grammar? IDK)


Weight Smart Oatmeal
Protein Water
Shape Yogurt
Green Tea
Herbal Tea
Soup (lentil and vegetable)
Dark Chocolate kitkat bar
and then I cheated by eating an apple! So bad!

And I went to bed starving and woke up throughout the night, starving and paranoid because I'm CRAZY (not fulfilling my new years resolution!)


Quaker Oats Oatmeal
Tropical Fruits Granola Bar
Jacket Potato with beans and cheese
EAT yogurt pot with bananas, grape nuts and honey
Crackers and laughing cow cheese
three shortbread and fruit biscuits
Crackers and hummus
Stir Fry with fake chicken and rice
to eat:
Dark Chocolate kitkat
hot chocolate

Ahhh up days are soo much better. But writing out all that food just signalled to me why I need to be on this diet. I know it's pretty healthy, but I've had like 6 snacks. Ughhhh. I guess I can blame my increased hunger on all the walking I'm doing, or something. But, I'll have to be really good tomorrow. I've almost lost 10 pounds from my holiday high. I just wish I felt skinnier because I don't at all and my clothes feel the same. So hopefully soon I'll start noticing something besides a drop in number.

This Is Why I'm Single

I have a habit of sending really awkward, perplexing, boarderline creepy text messages.