Saturday, 14 November 2009

Stop Teasing me Weather!!!

Today is supposed to be a day possibly filled with gales and heavy rain. And yet, the view out my window is currently of a very pleasant morning. It got even more sunny after I took this picture. So hopefully if the rains come they will be light!

Seriously though, I can barely trust British weather reports because the weather changes so often. Also the forcast routinely seems to be incorrect. It's just like home, minus the massive quantity of snow. But please please please let the weather be mild and pleasant all day!

Link of the Mornin'

HELLZ YEAZ! This BBC article gives hope for all us foodies with calorie guilt out there! Though, seeing as my diet here includes lots of almond croissants and I actually think I may have lost a bit of weight, I think the guilt-inducing-waistline increasing culprit is not food in general but American portion sizes. That being said, I will happily consume an extra 400 calories a day, though these are calories I most surely already consume.