Thursday, 29 October 2009


I've of late felt like autumn is slipping away and I haven't seen enough gorgeous colors. But, I guess the there are still a few more weeks left of the UK autumn, even though Rochester probably is already in winter mode. So I woke up this morning and walked over to Regents Park (about a 25 minute walk from my place). It was gorgeous. I didn't have much time to linger so I just walked around one of the park's sections and took some photos. But, I definitely think a longer visit will factor into my weekend plans.
I had a dream last night that (get ready): I was held hostage at Primark by Simon Pegg (I don't remember why) and as a reward for my good behavior they let Gwyneth Paltrow visit me. Gwyneth wasn't a friend, I just really wanted her to visit me. Also, I cried a lot. Probably because I was being kept hostage in Primark. I also had a dream that involved me getting 8 letters from Barclay's, but I woke up before I could find out if my debit card was in one of the envelopes.