Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Song I Try to Adapt to My Life

I have a sad habit of taking songs and adapting them to my life. The song I'm doing that to right now is Ra Ra Riot's "Can you Tell." Though, it has some good lines that actually fit into my usual romantic history, desperate unrequited love towards men who will probably never like me (Reason I am single: 8). YEY!

Photo From my Archives

Pigmy Hippo. National Zoo, Washington, DC. March 18th 2009


I just walked into my kitchen and the one boy in my unit goes, "You're always eating!" Wow. I just wanted to tell him the stereotypical biological excuse for my eating (tee hehe!), but I thought that would be creepy. But then again, being creepy would follow the general trend of the last few days of my life. Like really.

Oh also, and as I was leaving the kitchen I said, "This is going to be the last time I eat tonight." And he replied, "I don't believe you!"