Monday, 18 January 2010

Take Note: This is exactly what I want to write my dissertation on.


- Procrastination
- Having work hanging over my head
- Winter
- Not having a current biological excuse for the carb binge I just had
- Poverty
- Not having a reading light
- When no one texts me
- The ease with which my room gets messy.

Hot Bitch of the Day

Julia Roberts, my new drunk hero:

Recent Things in my Life

1- I just turned in a terrible essay
2- There is currently a bit of blue in the sky and I'm hoping it'll give me a vitamin D boost. But, it also negatively makes me want to go outside instead of do work.
3- I deposited a check last week and thought it went through. It didn't. So I went into negatives. I cried about it. And now I can't pay bills/buy plane tickets for a Northern adventure until Thursday ARGH my life.
4- I drank an obscene amount of alcohol this weekend, well by my usually moderate standards. I obviously do not have money to be spending on such activities.
5- I went to Shoreditch for the first time, it was delicious.
6- This week is going to be so busy. Too tired.
7- I haven't gained weight, but I haven't lost any. Hopefully this will change (for the better) by Friday
8- I should be applying for jobs
9- I should be working on my thesis topic.
10- Instead I compiled this list. Sob