Thursday, 1 April 2010

ah! The acoustic version is even better. The one on the left is SO CUTE, yea the one whose head is down the entire time. The one who dresses like a grandpa and probably weighs about half of my weight- Whateva! Though he's so hip that I'd never be able to speak to him. Soooo. yea.

I Occasionally Dabble in "Modern Music"

So though the majority of the music that I post on this blog is either 1-Kate Bush/Kate Bush related or 2- Broadway music, I do occasionally listen to stuff the young people like. My new latest ipod additions are Emmy the Great (see earlier post) and this delightful trio of young hipsters from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club. I've been dancing around to their album by myself this whole evening. Thrilling. They're just so fun! They're also really cute. I think Lianne would enjoy the lead singer, as he's a ginger Irishman. Te ehhe giggles!

It is downpouring. And there's thunder. There's hardly never thunder in England. This rain means business.

This morning.

Right now:

I'm going to spend my night with a big bowl of ice cream and some film, probably Lord of the Rings.


I just looked up my name on Urban Dictionary:

A girls name, usually associated with a fairly small cute but hot girl. Is unique in her clothing style and is brilliant at the things she loves best whatever that may be. Loved by her friends and envied by her enemies.

SO TRUE! Especially the small part.

A small, wealthy, conservative, suburb of Rochester, NY. Defies the typical "Upstate" stereotype, the town is very safe and upper-class; the people are mostly doctors/surgeons, lawyers or successful businessmen and their wives are known as P.H.W.'s or Pittsford House Wives (rich women who don't work, they are in book clubs, gourmet clubs, 'twig' and play golf, tennis and paddle tennis at their Country Clubs while their kids are at school). A little over 27,000 people live in Pittsford and 99% of them are Caucasian, majority of them drive cars over $50,000, belong to one of the 7 private Country Clubs in the town and have lake houses on Ontario Lake or one of the Finger Lakes. Pittsford kids (Sutherland & Mendon- both in Newsweek's 100 Top High Schools in America) are known as "rich bitches" by other towns in Rochester and they are basically poster children for Polo, Lacoste and Abercrombie & Fitch. Pittsford has a historic, quaint, upscale village right on the Erie Canal and there are many unique, privately- run boutiques and restaraunts in the village especially on Schoen Place. Pittsford is listed as one of 'Best Places to Live in the Country' by CNN and the town is one of the wealthiest in the nation.
Pittsford is the nicest suburb in the ROC and Upstate New York.

For the town I grew up in the number one post says: I would say a lot of this is untrue. I mean, the majority of people driving cars that cost over 50k is definitely not true and hardly any of my friends had cottages. I guess I was friends with the wrong people. Also my mom works, though none of my home friend's moms work so fun times. Also, I don't know anyone whose mom is in a book club. And I am definitely the poster chid for Polo, Lacoste and Abercrombie. Definitely.

Hello Rain.
Please leave procrastination. Please.

Fox Hunting bad word slip

Ahahahahahahahaha really awkward. WARNING MORE BAD LANGUAGE.

my reaction to this warrants a swear word

Whhhaaaat. theeeee.. FUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK. is this?

Musac I'm into since yesterday

What will you look like when you're old?
What will I do if I don't know you?

Thanks to India Knight for posting this onto her blog. I'm really into Emmy the Great (since yesterday).

I wish India Knight was my friend.
My mix of super organic foods lunch was a bit of a let down so now I'm just finishing the pastry. Just wanted to let you know.


I gave in. But in a sensible way. I only ate half of my pastry.

I had to write myself a warning to stop me from eating the rest. SAD

It's still nice out, albeit slightly cloudy. Oh wait, as I write this it's getting consistently more cloudy noooooo. But better for my productivity. So I'm going to go get some healthy delicious brain food and then write write write (hopefully). Aka, as you can see, get ready for lots of blogging today.
1- I haven't written anything yet (but mostly bc I found a really good UN report that will be useful for the essay).
2- I really want my pastry. Like really really really really want it.
3- I'm tired.
annnddddd here come the clouds...

Blue Skies

I REALLY like London when it's nice out. It changes the whole feel of the city. My walk north was so pleasant. I went to Euphorium Bakery to get my americano and as soon as I oggled the baked goods I screamed in my mind abort abort! But it was so nice out and the man working was SO nice to me that I ignored my warnings and ordered a pain aux raisens. I, however, being very sensible, am planning on saving it for this evening. We'll see how that goes. Now I must write 500 words before I allow myself to eat lunch. FUN. I hope the weather stays nice for awhile today. The forecast says light rain starting at one, so we'll see. Tomorrow's supposed to be heavy rain, so I better soak up the vitamin D while I can.

So as per usual, I am planning my day around eating. But today I have to eat healthy after yesterdays time-of-the-month binge fest (yey for biological excuses!).

-Walk north to Angel and go to a Boots that is farther away. Get coffee, avoid the two amazing bakeries in the area. EXERCISE.
- Come back and eat porridge with banana.
-Do work/ start essay.
- Go get lunch someone delicious and healthy. Yet to be determined where that may be.
- Write more of essay.
- Maybe take a break by going somewhere, idk.
- Eat leftover enchiladas for dinner. Yum.
- Watch iplayer.
-Go to Bed.