Monday, 4 January 2010

Preview of V Magazine's "Size Issue" featuring a bevy of plus size models. There's also this spread, which features the fabulous Crystal Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski, a "normal" sized model, wearing identical outfits.

Positive Thing

Well, after that rant, I feel like I should publish something uplifting. So, here's the most uplifting story ever told (involving an animal):

Effed Up Thing in the World of the Day

Here's an article by Rev. Kapya Kaoma, a Nigerian Anglican Priest, on the awful Anti-Homosexuality Act enacted in Uganda, which as of right now essentially legislates the death penalty for gay people. Rev. Kaoma helps to expose the American link at this blatant violation of human rights. Of course it was three uber-Conservative American "Christians" who preached to the Ugandans shortly before this act was formed. One of these men, Scott Lively (who is also a Holocaust denier), wrote a book against "militant" gays who are out to take over the world with their "perverse" values.

In a paragraph in the article Kaoma reveals this about Lively:
"Legalizing homosexuality is on par with accepting "molestation of children or having sex with animals," he said. As Lively puts it, LGBT issues cannot be considered human rights issues. "The people coming to Africa now and advancing the idea that human rights serves the homosexual interests are absolutely wrong," he said. "Many of them are outright liars and they are manipulating history; they are manipulating facts in order to push their political agenda." Lively even tarred abortion rights as "a product of the gay philosophy" meant to promote sexual promiscuity in order to "destroy the family."'

How is the blatant denial of basic human rights to gay people not a violation of human rights? Further, Lively's beliefs were clearly heard in Uganda. Most blatantly in a statement from Uganda's Minister of Ethics and Integrity who stated, "Homosexuals can forget about human rights (via this NYT article)."

I recognize that men like Lively are not a majority within the Christian faith. However, I can see how branches of the religion that speak against homosexuality can lead to such hateful and ignorant beliefs. That being said, a huge number, probably the vast majority, of Christians are progressive, knowledge-filled , and loving individuals. I actually really like progressive Christianity, particularly as seen in the work of Marcus Borg. But, I also recognize that Progressive Christianity is threatening to many people, no more than that, seen as not valid to many. It's just unfortunate that religion can cause such hateful occurrences in our modern world.

RANT DONE! Though, I'll expand on Progressive Christianity later, at some point.

Problems in my life at this second

cold.tired.bored.obesity.procrastination.poverty.overactive imagination

Things I Hate

I hate driving in the snow. I used to be fine with it, embracing every swerve, skid, and loss of traction delight. But that was back in high school before I suppose I fully developed a sense of mortality. Now I hate it. I clutch the wheel and grit my teeth praying to God that I make it. The worst was the other night when I drove home in a blizzard and the roads weren't properly salted, ploughed, etc. I almost swerved into a ditch turning onto the street that leads to my street. It was awful. I don't like driving in general, so snow makes it even worse. Also, it's been in the teens here, aka like -20 celcius. So pleasant! England is going to seem warm in comparison.

Now I get to go research an essay that I don't know how I'm going to write. Research today, write tomorrow, hopefully be half done by the time I leave to make my English return on FRIDAY.