Sunday, 2 May 2010

My post One Day depression has yielded a bright spot. My youtube search for melancholy songs brought me this amazing version of one of my Bert Jansch songs, "Running from Home." It's a seriously wonderful version. And fairly recent, considering how old the song is. Old boy still has it in him.

Just finished One Day by David Nicholls. Read it. If you can, I'm not sure if it's out in America yet. I feel like my heart wants to escape my body, if that makes any sort of sense. What a powerful, thought provoking, sad but hopeful book. Also, profoundly real. It definitely made me cry. And now I want someone to hold me wahhhh.

How I'm Procrastinating this evening

Yup, there's a long series viciously mocking Phantom Menace too!

Lunch today

Homemade pita chips with hummus, Goats Cheese, Spinach and orange pepper salad with homemade mustard dressing. MMM

Amount of productive study time achieved today: zero.