Sunday, 5 December 2010

Remembering when I saw your face shining my way, pure timing


I actually am in LOVE with them. I don't care that they're 16.

random sunday discussions

I couldn't sleep at all last night. Well... not until 2am. I had to take a sleeping pill then I fell asleep till 1045!!!! Which is BEYOND late for me. I think it was a mixture of jetlag and general confusion over mah hot life. My big issue currently is comparing myself to other people. One of my many New Years Resolutions is to stop doing that.

Though, a friend yesterday sent me a wake up to reality text pointing out that I have a secure job, friends, a nice flat and a master's degree! WORD. But then I don't know what I want to do with my life, or how I'll ever pay off my loans. Fun.

In unrelated news, my house has been SO COLD. Like I had to buy an extra heater and use three blankets cold. Then finally last night I was so hot I only used one blanket and slept in a tanktop. Heating victory.

Oh and Ruth and I finally tried the Italian restaurant under a bridge (literally) in Golders Green. I walk by this multiple times every day and have always wanted to try it. Well... it was AMAZING. Like, possibly better than Ciao Bella in Bloomsbury amazing. The staff were all clearly Italian (well... I think), which is a good sign. The food was fairly priced and AMAZING (they don't skimp on cheese!), the wine decent and cheap, the staff friendly AND they gave us Lemoncello shots at the end of our meal. Not sure if that was standard practice, put it added to the experience! Also one of the staff members who vaguely looked like Pete Doherty started singing opera like music while playing the piano. New.Favorite.Restaurant.


Listening to BBC Radio 6 as per us and Cerys Matthews just read the last paragraph of The Dead while playing folksy blues music in the background. I am DYING. I literally had to stop what I was doing (facebook stalking...) and just sit with my eyes closed and listen. I'll post the link when it's up on the website.

So excited for Christmas eve when I make Jonathan read it (preferably in front of a fire, adding to the atmosphere). He doesn't know that I'm going to make him do this yet... but it's going to epic. Like the time I made him read Yeats's "Second Coming." I can hear it how Joyce would have!

Oh goodness I hope the weather doesn't deter me from my journey North! Less than three weeks!