Friday, 13 November 2009


So I fully admit that America was countless problems, of varying severity. Many of these problems are much worse in America than here, but sometimes the UK really shocks me with its issues. Take this incident in Essex. The boys shouting the antisemitic chants were SCOUTS. And they were shouting at veterans who did more for the UK than they will probably ever do. I guess maybe it's because the UK is so much smaller than America, that news like this gets broadcast further. But, I think America this would be a huge deal too. So I don't really know how to approach this other then by saying awful.
The Daily Mail's summary of Katie Price's awkwwwaaardddd appearance on the amazing Chelsea Lately.
Why is the Daily Show so wonderful?

Another Room related post

I wonder what would happen if I tried to seduce men like Lisa. I bet it would work. She's just so beautiful!

Yey. I just hope the promise of milder weather Saturday afternoon will be fulfilled or else my planned day of fun will be ruined. Or I'll just have to tweak my plans. It's honestly been pouring for two hours. Luckily this is an incentive to stay in and read. Wah.