Sunday, 14 March 2010

Who wants to buy this for me for my birthday? It's only £795!


I actually think this is based on my mom.


My mom isn't this intense, but there are some similarities, such as I can see my mom saying "Ah, come on people!" and "Why am I doing this? Done!" Thanks to Mike for showing me this, I've been laughing about it for a while.

Annndd my mom just made my day not so great by being the most annoying person on earth. THANKS.

Ending my 22nd Year on a good note

Good things about today:

-Finished my first of three Essays due April 25th. Thus, I'm pretty much on schedule for finishing most of my work before I go to Florida on April 12th. It sucks, but I have over a month to edit! And now I can freak out about other things!

-I made/ate this gourmet sandwich for lunch: Waitrose country style whole grain bread, cranberry sauce, spinach and brie. YUM-O.

-The weather is so gorgeous out I want to cry. And since I finished my essay, I can go get tea and sit outside with Gemma at 2:30, relatively guilt free. It's amazing how great a nice sunny day can make you feel.

Now all I need is for someone to declare their love for me and my 22nd year will be the best year ever! Actually, a nice sunny, amazing day tomorrow filled with food and friends + someone declaring their love for me (anyone? anyone?) will make my 23rd year the best ever, so I guess it's no biggie if it doesn't happen today. And since it's not likely to happen tomorrow either, I'll gladly accept another nice weather day, food and friends on the day of my birth.
This reminds me way too much of my dancing skills... hence why I don't like to dance.