Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Things I Look Forward to In England

1- Waitrose
2- Temperatures that occasionally venture above freezing.
3- Eat Yogurt Pots
4- Public Transportation
5- Having some semblance of a social life
6- On that note- my UK-UCL-Oxford friends
7- THQ
8- Cafe Nero- Sunday Times
9- ALMOND CROISSANTS! (I literally had a dream involving almond croissants last night SAD)
10- Jacket Potato place in the union
11- My upcoming beg fest at the union's job shop
12- Heat Magazine
13- Less snow
14- Lianne's VISIT!
image from Guardian homepage.

I'm leaving snow and apparently will be going back to snow. But hopefully, it won't be bad on Saturday morning when my plane lands. Plus, it'll be leaving from Iceland, so I figure icelandic pilots know how to deal with snow. We've had so much snow in Rochester that I'm kindof looking forward to rain.