Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Morning Beauty

Kenny G's older son is just as ravishing as his father.
I'm going to use the essence of his beauty to make today a really good fail-free day.

Oh to be a teenager

No comments. Just Watch it.

Dear Diary, Why Today SUCKS

So yesterday was a really good day. The kind of day that made me feel like I might have a good life and that everything is going my way. Now my life has become a f**king Smiths song.

1) I've lost my job (not because I did anything, just because the project I was doing is almost done). So now I have to worry horribly about money again and be a burden on my parents, which makes me feel really guilty.
2) It's awful out. Grey and rainy all day.
3) My wet shoes have stunk up my room.
4) Al and Tipper Gore broke up.
5) My future is scary.

Basically, I sang this song: