Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Today Twitter's worth was revealed to my when Graham Linehan (writer of Father Ted and The IT Crowd) decided to set up a twitter feed where people who had Spotify invites to spare could find people who needed one. To back up Spotify is an amazing music service that isn't available in America, it's essentially a free itunes. You can play thousands and thousands of albums on your computer and create playlists. I can't download the songs onto my ipod, but it's going to be amazing for finding new music and listening to it during the many hours I spend at my computer. But anyways, a kind soul who had a premium spotify account gave me on of their invites so I can get a basic account (meaning there are commercials)! I'm instantly obsessed with it. So, thank you Graham Lineham for being so wonderful to suggest a code exchange! YEY!

Autumn Sun

Today has been a disgustingly unproductive day. But I guess I still have time. It feels a lot later than it is. This is what the sun looks like now. It's slowly starting to set and it's not even 3pm. Oh England...