Saturday, 24 October 2009


After the craziest night of my life last night (aka Pamela and I made grilled cheese), I woke up this morning and decided to venture out and seek culture. I went to the National Gallery with the intention of seeing the new exhibit about Spanish religious sculptures, but I just ended up walking through the galleries. But, before I went there I decided to cut through Soho instead of the more direct Oxford circus, Charing Cross Road route. I'm definitely glad I did because I got to see streets that have more character than Tottenham Court Road, Oxford St, or even my beloved Gray's Inn Road. I'm not saying Soho is in any way a big secret, that would be akin to being like "I discovered the best cafe the other day, it's called Starbucks!" but it was still a nice change. And I found lots of eating options for when I have money (probably never).

And the National Gallery is overwhelming in the sense that I kept seeing a bulk of the paintings I studied wayyy back in AP. However, the gallery is smaller than I imagined it would be. I mean, it's huge but I reckon the US National Gallery is bigger. Also, while I appreciate the Italian masters, it's the Flemish artists who really hit the spot for me. I went to the best Flemish art gallery in Brugges when Lianne and I travelled there and while the National Gallery has a lot of Flemish art, it didn't hit me like so many of the paintings in that gallery. But, one day I want to be rich and buy old Flemish paintings.

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