Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Issues Right Now

Blah. Not sleeping last night really effed up my mood. Here is a run down:

-I spent too much money on dinner when I should have cooked. I'm basically living pay check to pay check and I have no idea when my job will end. Stress. Hopefully they'll give me some notice. I'm so afraid they'll tell me my project is done right before I go to Florida.
- Also expensive dinner was very unhealthy.
- I didn't go to a student even at the national gallery because I'm so tired I can't see straight.
- I'm looonnneeeellyyyyyyyyy.
- I think I'll definitely return to America after this year, but I'm afraid I'll end up back in Rochester working at the craft store from Hell. Plz let someone hire me.
- I want someone to looooveeeee me.
- Once again, I wish I could look 5 years in the future and see that my life is fine.
- My dissertation meeting left me feeling 1-dumb and 2-facing a mountain of things to do. Hopefully by my next meeting in June I'll be more together.
- I have so so so so so so much to do for everything.
- There's no one to hold me.


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