Friday, 2 April 2010

I have a problem...

I reached my daily goal, 2000 words (out of 3000), so now I can blog and then write more yeyyy! So I haven't been able to breathe all week. Like it's kind of concerning because that's my only symptom, it's hard to breathe. I hope England hasn't given me asma. It probably has. Because I was thinking it was allergies so I went to Superdrug this morning to get some meds, I got Benedryl, but the non-drowsy version. YEY. And it didn't work at all. Well, it stopped my runny nose, so that's good. But I still can't breathe.

But, only way back I stopped at River Island because they're having a sale. And I wanted to stop myself, but I couldn't. FAIL. The dress I bought wasn't even that cheap. Blah, oh well. Anyways, here's my celebratory (for reaching 2000) words photo shoot (excuse the period bloat HOT):

My Disney Outfit (I honestly bought this tank thin
king that I can wear it in Disney. SAD):

My spring cute dress, for all the dates I go on:

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