Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Well my grandpa apparently has upgraded to high quality super fast internet, so now I can blog!

Since I've been up until 550 and can't locate any coffee in this house, here's an update in the form of a list:

-I woke up at 6 yesterday and rewarded myself with a delicious Eat. breakfast sandwich once I got through security.
-My almost 10 hour flight was actually really enjoyable. I didn't sit next to anyone and though there were no good movies on the personal players, I did watch some quality tv. Including Wallander, that British version of a Swedish show staring Kenneth Branagh. Who I'm oddly attracted to even though he's my dad's age and overweight. PERVY. I also ACTUALLY got work done woooo!
- But then I left my newish Coast blazer on the plane. FAIL. I called it into lost and found but we'll see.
- There was a hugggeee rainstorm when I arrived in Miami and I was like, you have GOT to be kidding me.
-My grandpa took me to McDonalds on the way back and I got one of their delicious iced coffees.
- I went to bed at 9 last night and it was a struggle staying up that late. Tonight I'm aiming for 10.
- My goal today is to finish my research design paper, aka the hardest paper I've ever had to write. We'll see if that actually happens. A lot depends on me finding/procurring coffee.

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  1. ugggggg I only have like 500 words of lit review done for that. fml.