Friday, 7 May 2010


The UK election was/is boring. I don't even know what's going on. This hung parliament thing is tricky and I just want someone to softly explain it to me like a scared 5 year old- ie nothing involving reading or big words. Also, awk for the lib dems, right? To "celebrate" the election I went to the Kings College Union with Tori and Pamela. It made me feel old. So many undergrads. Ah to be young.

Other things I have been up to:
- I worked all day yesterday at my job so now I must spend the entire weekend studying. I'm so nervous for these finals. I don't feel confident in any means about the two next week. I keep studying and not comprehending at all. FML
-My bank account had -.25 p in it yesterday. Thankfully I got paid today and my loan check is being processed.
- My future scares me.
- I have no food.

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