Saturday, 29 May 2010

Things aka boring facts for those who are interested

-It's a grey dreary day in London, but I don't mind because it's been so nice recently.
- I've been pretty good with workin' on mah fitness at the gym. I'm not doing anything intense, just 35 minutes of cardio three times a week, but it's something!
-I woke up at 630 am when my calendar fell off my wall. I screamed and thought someone was in my room.
-Pamela and I are getting into The Wire. Finally seeing why people love it so much!
- I started reading Say You're One of Them, a short story collection by a Nigerian Jesuit Priest named Ukem Akpan, it's thus far fantastic.
- I'm tired.
- I started applying for jobs. BLAH.
- I started reading for my dissertation, aka one article. WOO

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