Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Best (worst) morning ever

My morning started off with disaster after disaster.

A rundown:

1) Woke up at 645 (set my alarm for 710) and within two minutes started worrying about a document that I thought was on my bedstand. Couldn't find it. I must have thrown it away. Disaster.

2) The lid broke on my new semi-expensive facepowder and about 1/3 of it spilled on my carpet. Left it there for me to clean up tonight. It also got all over my other makeup products and my makeup brushes so when I put the powder on my face it coated my face a lovely orange hue and I had to start over.

3) I was then in a hurry to get to the tube and jumped on without really checking it was the Bank branch of the Northern Line. I realized I was on the Charing Cross branch two stops after my last opportunity to transfer. I was on the tube through about 6 stations without realizing I got on the wrong lane. I then had to transfer twice and get on the most crowded Northern Line train I've ever been on. Like, unbelievably crowded. Like, no ability to move crowded.

Since then things have been pretty calm. I pray they remain so. Oh how I pray.

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