Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mah Boyfriend

I basically live the life of a 50 year old recluse most days. I travel too and from work and spend my evenings by myself knitting, watching history documentaries on the BBC. I occasionally have a glass of wine if I'm feeling crazy. I wish this was a life. But it's not.

Things will improve greatly (if I pass my masters and get my visa ugh stress) once I move into my dream future home with one of my best Oxford friends in March... until then, this is my life most days of the week. Well, like half of the week.

Anyways, there's one person who has uplifted me from this depressing state of oh woes my life, Dr. Jonathan Foyle. Aka the hottest art historian EVER. He's BEAUTIFUL and so smart and I LOVE him. Sadly his documentary on Henry VIII's art was only two episodes long, so I'll have to seek him elsewhere. Because while I love my two main history series, Churches: How to Read them and Michael Wood's Story of England, the two hosts in that do not make me have sad fantasies of marriage. So, thank you Jonathan Foyle for bringing some light to my life.

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