Monday, 4 October 2010


The tube workers went on strike today for the second time in protest of proposed cuts. During the last strike in mid September I had no problem getting to work. I laughed at people like my boss who had to walk from Paddington. I got to work quicker than usual actually. And I had no problems getting home.

I assumed today's strike would be like the last. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I checked online and saw Moorgate was closed, yet I figured I could just get off at London Bridge and walk for 15 minutes. Well I knew when walking to the tube that my plan was going to fail. Normally I see a few trains pass by, this time I saw none. Further, upon reaching the platform I saw it was crowded, it's NEVER crowded. Then no trains were going via the Bank branch. So I got on a Charing Cross branch and figured I would transfer at Camden. Wrong again. I couldn't even get onto the Bank side at Camden it was so crowded. And there wasn't going to be another train for 15 minutes.

So I checked my London mapbook and saw there was a bus straight from Camden to Moorgate! Great!! Wrong again. I literally waited 40 minutes for the 214 bus. During those 40 minutes only one came and it was TINY. I probably could have forced my way on but I thought another one would soon follow. Well at 905, already late for work, I made a decision, I would walk to Moorgate from Camden. A distance of about 4 miles. So walked I did, getting to work over an hour late.

I learned my lesson.

The way back was fine. Well, on a normal day it would be hellish, but after the morning it was a walk in the park. I waited about 15 minutes for a Northern line train at Moorgate. There didn't appear to be any Edgware bound trains so I just went on the High Barnet line and made a point not to attempt to transfer at Camden, instead riding it to East Finchley where I caught a bus.

Ridiculous. I feel like my whole day was consumed by the strike. And they have more planned! OY VEY.

There was, however, one exciting thing that came out of today. My tale of woe made it onto the BBC.

And I quote:
"1058: Hayley from Golders Green e-mails to say she was 90 minutes late for work in Moorgate after she could only take the Northern Line as far as Camden Town. "It was so crowded that I couldn't even get on to the Bank branch platform (later I saw they had locked the station)," she writes. "I gave up on the Tube and decided to take the 214 to Moorgate. It was a tiny, tiny bus and only one came in 40 minutes. So I gave up and walked from Camden to Moorgate." She says she has no idea how she'll get home."


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