Sunday, 3 October 2010

Weekend again

So a clothes update since I know you're all eagerly wondering what I decided on. I returned the H&M sweater and Gap dress number 1. I replaced Gap dress with a top I really liked, that was luckily half the price of the dress so I still got 8£ back. Happy days.

Then Ruth came over and I made her seriously the most amazing dinner. Gordon Ramsay's Mac and Cheese, as featured in the Guardian. It was way too complicated for students (who it was apparently designed for) and it was a lot more expensive than the stated cost, but so delish and it provided a lot of leftovers. And I bought a 5£ roasting pan to cook it in, so now I have something good to cook mah dinner tonight in, Roast Vegetables.
Also, I need to stop spending money. For real this time.

Anyways, Ruth and I watched the Wire and an ep of Law and Order UK, where Ruth told me how it's an inaccurate portrayal of the UK justice system. SAD. Then we watched youtube and she slept on mah floor.

This morning we went to Carmelli's the famous Golders Green Jewish bakery. I didn't think their bagels would be great because now entering my third year in the UK (including Oxford CRAZY), I have yet to eat a decent bagel. Well... Carmelli's have AMAZING bagels. Win win win.

Now I'm laying in bed watching the rain and yet again wishing I had a boyfriend to holddd meeee. And I can't believe the weekend is almost over.

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