Friday, 26 November 2010

Things I've Been Up To

  • After worrying since June, it took the British Consulate a mere TWO HOURS to process my visa. It came in the mail the next day, now I'm all set to return to the UK on the 30th!
  • I ate so much on Thanksgiving I literally had to lay on our family friends couch for a good thirty minutes until I could move without any pain. Oyyyy. I need to detox before my office Christmas party and Northern Irish Christmas!
  • My Godmother cleared out her closet and gave me a heap of amazing clothes including two cashmere sweaters, J Brand skinny jeans (great for mah fat thighs), a J Crew jacket and THESE BABIES IN LOVE
  • And my mom took me to Marshalls, so I'm coming back to England with a new wardrobe that is nothing like the intern's wardrobe I was so sick of before.
  • My skin is so dry here. Wah.
  • It snowed today.
  • I bought my ticket for the next Catz ball and got a supa hot dress to wear. I'll also wear the dress to the office Christmas party.
  • I think I've gotten to the point where caffeine has no effect on me, probably not healthy.

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