Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Things that Happened at Work Today

1- One of our providers (?) took me out to lunch last friday and came in today to train some of our new guys (guys of course, still no girls! I honestly think it's messing up my hormones) bringing with her the book The Rules for me to borrow. She thinks it'll help my life. It's a book about how to snag a husband. Yup I both give off the vibe of needing that and give off the I'm ready for a husband vibe. YEY

2- A guy called for my coworker while he was in the meeting, I spoke to him a bit bc it was lunch and no one was working. Big mistake. He told me about his two times in America and then proceeded to ask me why I was working as a receptionist if I'm so smart (THANKS!), then told me that I must not have many friends in the UK. I told him I had a good amount bc I went to two UK unis, told him which and he said, wow we're both smart we should go on a date. He then asked me to meet him at his local pub and said he knew amy winehouse. He wouldn't stop. He was SO creepy.

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