Saturday, 13 November 2010


1- I have a new coworker who bought a square foot of land on a Scottish royal estate, which thereby makes him eligible to use the title Lord. This is not a joke. WTF.
2- I ate a KFC banquet for one last night for dinner. I kind of hate myself for it and feel VERY Liz Lemon. Yum yum yum!
3- I was convinced last night and today would be lonely lonely days BUT I skyped with Oxford Northern Irish twin for about two hours last night after happy hour, where we talked about how lame our lives are. AND today one of my lovely friends is coming up to the GG for X Factor, and she's bringing a Marks and Spencers dine in for two meal! YES!
4- I leave MONDAY!!! I'm packing today and dropping my bag off at work. The Monday I fly to Dublin and spend the night in the Dublin Airport Hilton, caching, then Tuesday fly home to mah mommay and dadday wahooo! Rochester!

Hopefully my visa adventure will go smoothly and I'll soon be back in the UK, ready to sort out mah vida loca.

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