Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Now it is time for me to state my various hopes and dreams for the new year, well for this year. We'll see how well they go.

Well, actually, they've gone pretty well because I've already completed two, well begun the initial stages of completing two. I've also done a third, that could be considered a third.

1- Stop complaining to my friends about my job and do something about it! Find a job where I feel my mind and years of education are being used.
- I start a new job less than three weeks from today. I almost wrote three years, that would be awful. But yes, in less than three weeks I will be starting at a company that really really excited me, doing a role that I think has major potential to lead me places. Knock on wood!

2- Stop liking boyz who will never ever like me for a variety of reasons. I have some sort of teenage girl Edward Cullen problem where I romanticize men who generally have something majorly in the way of them liking me (they're gay, they're too handsome, etc etc). It's probably because they're safe and they'll never love me, so I don't have to deal with those emotions/ have fear of being rejected, because I know IT'LL NEVER WORK! But you know what world, I'm too much of a catch for this! 10 years of only liking people who will never like me (with several minor exceptions) is waaaayyy too crazy. This year I want to locate that lucky fellah who will like me just as much as I like him. Because I deserve it!
-I jolted myself onto the emotional journey to do this. Painful. Absurdly painful. But no pain, no gain!

3- Attempt to reconnect with old friends. Ie- I attempted contact with a former friend who I cut off because of years of issues and she never responded! But I did my part! That was a big step in my life, cutting her off, aka realizing that I deserve well-rounded friendships, not ones where I put in allll the effort.

4- Be more overall healthy, not eat 3 gigantic meals a day. Become the hot babe I have the potential to be haaaa.

5- No longer compare myself to other people. Hard.

6- Be better with money! Number one will help with that because for three months I'm taking a fairly significant pay drop, but it'll be worth it. I know it will! I have to learn to budget and not buy things to give me momentary feelings of satisfaction.

7- Aim to be more creative. I feel like since I moved back to England my life has been almost completely lacking in creativity. I need to start writing again, or join a book club or something.

Follow Amy Winehouse's to-do list. Particularly the second to last one:

I'll let you know how all the items go...

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