Saturday, 15 January 2011

January weather in England is the worst. I can't even describe how bleak it looks outside my window. The sky is a dull gray and the wind is whipping the trees. Apparently it's in the 50s today, but I don't believe it.

I'm meeting some friends at 1 but don't know what to do before then. I probably should get off my laptop and do something productive. I don't want to take a walk, but I could go to Starbucks and read the Guardian or similar. I also have no idea what I'm doing tonight, besides eating leftover risotto mmm.

Basically, I'm having friend withdrawl now that Sara's gone. And mah new job seems too far away to be exited about (a week from Monday!). And I keep worrying that something will go wrong and they'll retract their offer. Oh me.

A new thing in my life (ie my I'm going to transform my life in 2011 life) is to divide the future in manageable chunks. Right now I'm working on making productive changes to my life up to Febuary 12th, aka the day of the Catz Ball. And by productive changes, I mean a whole slew of fun things. I just really hope I can forget the past and be the best employee EVER at the new job. wahooo

For what it's worth, my Start Happy of the day is: Ha it's a good sign that I can't think of anything good. Okay here's something, I'm happy that I had last week with Sara and that in a week I'll be a giant leap forward in my professional life.

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