Saturday, 19 February 2011

things I've been up to lately

  • Work work work work work
  • Making sure everyone at work realizes how crazy I am. They all do, it only took me a month to let everyone know who they were dealing with. Thus squashing my chances of being the alluring beau t that all the boys want to date.
  • Catz Ball last weekend. Aka the end of Phase 1 of my 2011 transformation process. I actually transformed my life SO much in January. I, however, am not sure if Phase 2 will be as successful.
  • I as a I'm forever disgusting laugh to myself I decided to try on this pair of jeans I bought wayyyy back in 2008 that have never fit me and low and behold they fit! I'm not sure if this is because the fabric somehow loosened in my drawer or if my irregular work induced eating hours have helped me shed some pounds, but heeeyyyyyyyy.
  • I am beyond poor. And my student loans kick in ON MY BIRTHDAY. YEY. That's not really something I've been up to, but, it's an approaching reality.

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