Thursday, 22 October 2009

Song I can't get out of my head

Taylor Swift is my not so sinful obsession. All her songs seem to speak to me, maybe that says something about my mental age but ehh. She's just so wonderful. The current Taylo Swift song I can't get out of my head is "Hey Stephen." Thanks to my friend Jennie for introducing it to me. This song is a lot more romantic than songs I can actually relate to, like the amazing "You Belong with me," which I can REALLY relate to. But I just love the line- actually I love the whole song. The chorus is amazing (in a 16 year old girl way, but WHATEVER)-

"'Cause I can't help it if you look like an angel
Can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so
Come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you
Can't help it if there's no one else
Mmm, I can't help myself."

And then the line:
"Hey Stephen, boy, you might have me believing
I don't always have to be alone"

Amazing! I should also mention that the name Stephen automatically makes me think of Stephen Dedalus, who was definitely NOT an angel. Despite that, I loveee this song. But you'll just have to listen for yourself:


  1. uh Hay, I've memorized both of her albums- they are all I listen to. We have so much to talk about.

  2. should've said no and fearless are my faves