Friday, 20 November 2009

Uh oh!

So I just got a flyer stating that there have been robberies in my building. I'm not concerned because I'm kind of used to it, at GW there was multiple robberies a week in most of the dorms I lived in. I'm just going to keep my windows closed when I leave and lock my door. Though, I'm not on the ground floor, so I think only spider man would try to break through my window (the robbers got in through some idiots who left their ground floor windows open when they went out for the night DUMMYS!!!). But here's the amazing part from the flyer, it's so British in it's wording, the following phrase would never be seen in my GW crime alerts: "I'm taking this opportunity to tell you what we know about the criminals and their modus operandi." Yes, he used a Latin phrase to describe the hoody's strategy.

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