Saturday, 20 March 2010

I'm Not in America

This morning I ventured down Gray's Inn Road to get breakfast and read the Guardian at my fav local/locally owned cafe, THQ. THQ has amazing food, amazing coffee and seriously the best carrot cake I'm EVER had. It also has really friendly staff. And free wireless. And they let you linger. I love THQ. So this post is not against THQ in any way. They're just being euro.

I decided to go for something American this morning and ordered the french toast with bacon. Yum. I knew the bacon would be English bacon (like ham), so I was cool with that. What I was not ready for was one piece of french toast. That's all I got, one effing piece.

It was DELICIOUS. But I was hoping for three more slices. All I could think of was ihop and the pile I would have gotten there. Or to go local, the french toast I would have gotten from like the Coal Tower in Pittsford. It was so sad, because it was amazing, but gone so so so fast. Tear.

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