Saturday, 20 March 2010

tonight! tonight!

I spent the night in a pub watching the final game of THE rugby (as it is referred to as...), England vs. France. England lost. Rugby is fine, I mean, I'm not a sports fanatic in any sense, but it's an entertaining game to watch. More entertaining was the Chicken, leak and ham pie plus, bread and butter pudding I consumed. YUM!

But, the whole time watching the rugby I had two things in my mind, well, three. The film Invictus in general and the New Zealand All Black's war dance seen in it.

Epic. But then on youtube I found an even more epic version, where they have a dueling war dance with Tonga. It reminded me of West Side Story (weird?).

But also my mind stayed beyond rugby to the greatest sports thing I have ever witnessed (on youtube). Yes, I mean the Liverpool Football Club's theme song being belted out by a stadium filled with manly men. A theme song that originate from the Broadway classic, Carousal.

I now am a Liverpool supporter, just for that song choice. I also plan on getting my mom a "You will never walk alone" scarf for mother's day.

In unrelated news, tomorrow is not going to be fun. So much work. Ooof.

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