Sunday, 18 July 2010


-Coffee, Pastry, Paper at Euphorium Bakery. FYI that's like my dream Sunday routine for when I find someone to be mah boyfriend. I'll have to add, enjoys reading the Sunday paper at cafes to my novel long list of requirements. But, I guess I don't really need to add it since that's been one of my dreams since I wrote a well received poem my Senior year of High School about reading the paper at a cafe with my "boyfriend" (aka a made up person).
- DISSERTATION WORK. SoO ready for it to be done! And that's SO far away.
- Much needed grocery shopping.
- Spending the rest of the day with my lovely friend Ruth who's down from Scotland!
- Seeing Inception! With Ruth and two of my friends who I'm pretty sure think Ruth doesn't exist because I talk about her all the time and no one's ever seen her.

I'll also spend a lot of today freaking out about the fact that I viewed my dream flat yesterday and I emailed the people who live there like an hour later and said I was SUPER interested. And they NEVER responded. Fail. I mean, who wouldn't want to live with me? I'm SO likeable. Wahhhh. It had exposed beams!! And a private garden! WHY!!!!!

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