Sunday, 7 November 2010


  • I passed my masters!!! Actually did pretty well on everything grade-wise. Onto the next source of panic, getting my visa easily!
  • A week from Monday I start my journey home by flying to Dublin and then to America the next day!
  • I got a killer deal at the 4 star Dublin Airport Hilton- ca ching!
  • I just made some crumble... we'll see how it turns out...
  • I bought a supa cute purse at the Clarks outlet yesterday. They had hardly any shoes in my large size :( Oh well, I need to save money.
  • I dyed my hair "dark plum" because I felt like I needed a change. Saucy.
  • I went to Clapham fireworks the second year in a row on Friday. Learned that Clapham is painfully far from GG.

Eeek I'm SO excited to be homeeeeee. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!

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